Dodgers Stadium Mass Vaccination Site Shutdown: The Real Story

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The LA Times was first to report the story incorrectly. Here is the real untold story from a contributor-journalist who became the story.

The night before the protest my beautiful blonde bombshell friend called me and said that the next day we would meet up at Dodger Stadium to protest their vaccination site. She said, “the organizer called LAPD to inform them of our plans and they said, ‘come on down! It is your 1st Amendment right to do so.’” Harmless I thought, so I said, “count me in!” The next day, January 30th, we met up at the corner of Sunset and Vin Scully around 11am. We gathered and rallied there on the corner for about 45 minutes as people arrived. The organizer brought a few signs for people to hold.

To back up a bit in the story: when I had arrived to park on Vin Scully, I noticed a car in front of me with a BLM sticker. I wondered if they were tipped off and as I was thinking this, she pulled off and parked a few cars ahead of me behind a news truck. As she pulled away, I noticed Omar Navarro was doing a Facetime live on his phone on the sidewalk.

About 3 mins passed and this woman, dressed with her face fully covered with a mask, glasses, and hoodie walks over and starts filming us. She begins to bombard and harass Omar with questions asking him why is he here? “Um, excuse me?” I might have chimed in at that exact moment. She then says that she recognizes me from the Beverly Hills rallies. This is when without speaking a word, I immediately grab my iPhone inside my car with keys. I get out of my car and lock it. I walk directly to her car and start videotaping it. Two can play this game. I wanted this poor soul to get a clear message that doxxing works both ways. How dare she think she is the protest police and can tell us what we can say, think or do. These people are un-American!

Protests For Me But Not For Thee

She doesn’t get to be an ignorant rude human and doesn’t have a patent on videotaping people and had to be put in her place, of course peacefully. She hurried and followed me to her car and once I got all her information for myself, I then walked back to my car and moved it across Sunset. I didn’t interact with these low-life types. But I will not be bullied. That is for elementary school kids. I don’t need someone with nothing to lose, ruining my car. There are some real psychos out there. She made another appearance when the group was on the corner before we marched to the vaccination site before driving away. These BLM/ Antifa types do not last long out in the hot sun. We have the passion and they are paid. There is no match for passion. 

This protest was always intended to be peaceful and without violence. The police were alerted the day before by the organizer Jason Lefkowitz, to announce our plans. As we reached the gate at the top of the hill, the fire department immediately closed it. Not once did we all stand in front of the entrance with locked arms or pipes in front of us, as I’ve seen at many riots/protests of Antifa/BLM. A protest should be classified from a protest to a riot if/when the fire, spray paint, looting, and the blocking comes out. The canceling out of anyone or anything. Harassing a company so they fire a person and that person and their family are unable to eat, well to me, that is like murder.

As the fire department closed the gates, hundreds of frustrated motorists started to line up as we rallied. The sheriff helicopter flew above. This was Mayor Garcetti’s photo-op he was looking for! Isn’t the mayor the boss of the LAPD? Don’t you think that the mayor got a call after we called the police telling them that we were going to show up the night before? All of the protesters didn’t reach the top of the hill before the fire department and a few police closed it. It looked and smelled just like a PR scam to me. As a reporter, I could tell something was set up and not right.  

The protestors encouraged the people waiting to research “what is in the vaccine.” Some people got out of their car to investigate why the police/firemen shut the gates and blamed the protesters. We held signs and a doctor was passing out flyers with information about the toxic chemicals, aborted fetal cells, and nano aluminum inside the vaccines. We told them that they are a part of the largest science experiment ever known to man. They will not be able to sue the vaccine companies if they have side effects or if they die, as the companies are immune to lawsuits. 

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Let me be clear of our purpose in this protest: my body, my choice. People have every right to get the vaccine. We also have every right to not get it. Our children should be back in school and not forced to get the vaccine in order to do so. The mental detriment to children with the mask is so intense. 

Your fear is not where my freedom begins. I cannot say that statement loud enough. If cloth masks worked our ancestors would have thought of that a long time ago.

After Mass Vaccines?

Once people get the shot, will Karens everywhere stop telling us to wear a mask? If people freely go and get the vaccination will they stop with the idea of vaccination cards to travel? We are so close to what the bible stated about requiring the mark of the beast in order to buy or sell and people are literally ignoring it. Like we know the dangers and the outcomes as it is written, but because the mainstream tells you to do something then by all means we must go do what they say…this is absurd! As a child in private school, I remember telling my friends to not get the mark of the beast. They would ask, “what is the mark of the beast?” I would say, “it is the chip.” I was eight years old. This information must have come from my mother but she claims that she doesn’t recall telling me this. Now fast-forward to today and this vaccine has a Luciferase active component quantum dot, just like a chip– has made me feel like I have come full circle. It is quite surreal.

Revelation 13:16-18 King James version

16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads.

17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man, and his number is xix hundred threescore and six.

Vaccines used to be immune therapy back in the day when overpopulation and genetic modification weren’t their main focus. Those days are gone and we have hack jobs like Bill Gates and his puppet Anthony Fauci playing super predator doctor and paying off real doctors to make money from his Microsoft patent 060606. Here is Gates speaking about a “man-made virus” an event in Davos, Switzerland to discuss the real possibility of a deadly epidemic. This person comes from a family of eugenics wanting population control to save the world’s resources for their bloodlines. Don’t be fooled, they think we are cattle. 

So after standing around sharing information and drawing attention to our mission for an hour and a half, we left the entrance and the site reopened. Everyone reported getting their shot that day, and all peace and order was restored in echo park. 

True Colors

On February 1st, I woke up to the Daily Beast and LA Times calling and texting me. A man on Twitter named Chad Loder assumed, perhaps after seeing a picture with the Beverly Hills Freedom Rally organizer Shiva Bagheri, that I was the organizer. His tweet (which has since been corrected) sent reporters my way assuming I was the organizer. Even a neighbor I’ve never met, Eric Leavi, called me “a menace to the neighborhood and a terrorist.” He is a freelance journalist with Forensic News Net. It is in his best interest to remove the tweet before he ends up in a civil court with a defamation case. How can it be a toss-up between Dennis the Menace and Bin Laden? Isn’t that two different ends of the spectrum? Where is his proof? This is a big step to call someone a terrorist as a forensic journalist. Defamation is not something to joke or play around with when you pride yourself in being an “ethical journalist” or do you not? He is jeopardizing both my professional and personal life with this slander. He has been served with a cease and desist, and rather than being an adult and removing the tweet, he doubles down and added two cameras. Not sure what he is so intimidated by or what he is trying to catch, all of a sudden. No one wants to hurt you, Eric. Stop projecting.

Chad Loder and I had a conversation the other day. Through a connection, we exchanged numbers and texted. He actually kind and fair. He thinks I keep bad company by going to these protests and I asked him to be more considerate by not doxxing. Mostly an “agree to disagree” conversation. To dismantle the surveillance state is not done by stopping people from speaking their mind. That is the surveillance state.

I assured him I don’t go just to socialize. He kept his promise and made a correction tweet stating that I am not the organizer who shut down the largest vaccination site in the US. It is very much appreciated. Sadly, his father recently passed away from the deterioration in his lungs from the aftermath of Covid. That must be extremely hard and I do not wish death to him or my worst enemy. Parents dying is something we will all have to deal with one day, and I’m sure it is excruciatingly painful. Chad and his father are now in my prayers. 


D2: The Return

This past Saturday was D2 The Return. WeAreLA live-streamed the event. This time Antifa/BLM came out in full force, dressed in their BlackBox attire. These fools have no snapback with information or actual facts even about the first event. They just scream murderers and blare their sirens to drown us out. Zero common sense paid actors. Someone or some organization is funding them or these types have less than no life to be so un-American. This one man, in particular, was very tall with a long blonde ponytail. He was so hilarious to watch. He needs to seek help and a backbone immediately before he hurts himself. These counter-protesters tried to stop us from marching up the hill to the entrance but the LAPD did their job and made sure we could peacefully protest where we wanted to in an area on the edge of a park across from the gates. I should say that the amount of police presence was exaggerated and a waste. Although I appreciate them, I do not think that many police were needed and it was complete overkill. 

To be clear: Covid-19 is a real virus. Yet, I believe it is a manufactured man-made flu virus on steroids connected to 5G and Chemtrail scalar wave technology smart dust that we inhale as it blows in the wind. My gut tells me that Gates and his cronies along with the Obama administration’s financial help to Wuhan Lab made this happen; why?  To depopulate the planet due to a lack of resources. He told us they would do this and now they are managing to pull it off. They are looking to manufacture a virus to take out 10 million. You can call me a conspiracy theorist but I clap back calling you being a complicit theorist.

Is that true or did you hear it on CNN?
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