La Morte D’Etats Unis

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The year 2020 is over. This statement alone is reason for celebration as we have seen our nation, our beloved nation, changed at a fundamental level. This change is so grave that if Lady Justice ever removes her mask, she will not recognize the Republic that we once loved. In lieu of the Constitution awards this year, I am taking a look at the assault on our rights. These assaults are the fruits of the tree we planted in fear and panic early last year.

The Scared Secular Award (Replacing the Freedom from Establishment Award)

We, as a nation, have allowed a new religion of secular fear to be created by our government. People are panicking, trusting in internet sources that have not been proven, and easily distracted by the latest viral story (look at Twisted Tea). We have ceased accepting that we are responsible for our choices. This is evidenced by the fact that a person who goes out without a mask is responsible for the death of a person who goes out with a mask – at least in the eyes of the new zealots. (The Unholy Order of Karens and Treys).

COVID is a real disease; those deniers who are doubting it are hurting the people who are asking real questions. These questions are about the spread of the disease, how vaccine labels were listed in June for shipment yet not shipped till after the election, and why Dr. Fauci is still in charge of the effort, even though nearly every one of his models has proven wrong. We do need to come together for this, but not in a new religion of fear and panic – but in a measured response by professionals trained to deal with the crisis.

Under this new religion, our nation has become an internment camp. We are restricted from gathering, except in propaganda marches that the magisterium of manipulation, we are bombarded with the selected narrative, and those who speak out are immediately attacked and “cancelled.”

This new religion has its priesthood (St. Fauci and the woke medical community), it has its prophets (those who have put out the debunked models), and even martyrs who were sacrificed to the “common good” (the thousands of elderly patients who were killed in their nursing homes). We, as a nation, have allowed this new religion to be created – this is us giving up this right.

The Gavin Newsom Suppression of Religion Award

Not only have we seen the government create a de facto religion across the nation, but we have also seen the suppression of religion in our country. The First Amendment clearly prohibits the government (as only Congress is supposed to make rules under a real language reading of the Constitution) from “prohibiting the free exercise [sic Religion] thereof.” This was such a basic and fundamental right, that it was listed second in the Bill of Rights.

However, millions of Christians, Jews, Hindus, and Buddhists were prohibited from holding even basic services during many months of the COVID shut down. This is a clear violation of the Constitution (as the Supreme Court took 8 months to decide). To make matters worse, states and municipalities were passing out fines and threats of jail for this unconstitutional action.

Some churches, as in Pennsylvania, were shut down by their clergy. One must look a little deeper at why these churches shut down. Remember that their non-profit status was threatened by the government if they did not follow the order. Rather than protest as the martyred of old, churches denied their people access to service. TV soon allowed access to many (I have been live-streaming the 7 PM mass for the last few weeks), the secular goal of chasing millions of lukewarm faithful from their religious practice was successfully orchestrated.

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The American Education System Elimination of Free Speech Award

Primary and secondary education in the United States faced a hard year. Millions of teachers who are not trained on hybrid teaching methods were given a one week course in online methods (as if they are the same thing) and thrown to the wolves during the crisis. The good teachers did admirably and the bad teachers were exposed for what they were. However, whether the teachers were good or bad, children suffered.

Free speech has been one of the greatest victims here. Not the free speech of the teachers whose lessons now can be seen by parents, but the free speech of the parents and the children. Now we are seeing that statements made out of school, or off-campus, are not “legal tender” for schools to expel a student. Even statements from the distant past (like the Tennessee cheerleader who used a racial slur as a child, which is bad). The person who posted the video illegally (posting the video of a child under 18 without the permission of the parent or, now adult, person in the film), is treated as a hero, even thought he admits he was just trying to “expose” her. And do not forget: no one can sue the social media platform that hosted it because they are protected by Section 230.

Parents who challenge the “all-access” education system are shouted down as bigots – regardless of why they are shouting. Boston-area parents who are complaining because Homer’s works – some of the great works of Western Civilization – are being removed and called racist. The person who is calling them racist and getting the air time is a “woke” teacher trying to remove works by white males from the classroom. This is clown world and we cannot even call it out for fear of being suppressed and cancelled.

Cancellation is not the worst thing that can happen. Mini-AOC, the 8-year-old girl who made the satirical site mocking Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, received threats of rape and murder for doing satire. While “Saturday Night Live” does this, within the bounds of the common narrative, every week, a child cannot express her distaste with the government. On the other side, Greta Thornburg (who is only a teen) is receiving the same threats because she speaks against the conservative orthodoxy. While both have made themselves public and can be mocked, death threats and threats of rape should land social media users in jail. But once again, we cannot sue the social media providers for this information, due to Section 230.

The Mainstream Media Propaganda Award

Large scale journalism is dead; it has been for a long time. 2020 just allowed it to fester and stink enough that the world is beginning to take notice. The letter soup networks are all playing for the same playbook, mainly because they are owned by the same companies. Only the small scale news networks are willing to report the news, and even those companies (like this one) are drowned out by conspiracy theorists and nut jobs.

Some examples of the failures of the media this year are: COVID, Hunter Biden, and election fraud. If you go back and read over the news stories, the media attached mitigation measures, attacked masks, attacked medication, and attacked doctors who challenged Fauci’s narrative. Overall, they were good little lapdogs. (By the way, there are no links here because I want you to go back and look over the news).

We had evidence of Hunter Biden’s perverted laptop in August. The FBI has had it for over a year. The media knew about it somewhere in the middle. Yet, this story didn’t break until mid-November in the MSM. Why? Because they wanted Harris, I mean Biden, to be President-Elect, in front of that ridiculous banner, before they told people the truth. Almost 30% of Biden supporters said they would have voted for someone else had they known.

Finally, any doctor who publicly challenges the COVID narrative is cancelled and their license is threatened. The press is using their power of the pen to cripple actual information about the disease. I am not talking about conspiracy theorists, I am talking about actual doctors who are saying that we are seeing a lot of misinformation. The media should not be the filter of information: it should be the fount of information.

The Union Ban On Association

The unions have needed to hear this for a long time; freedom to assemble and petition are not union rights. This has nothing to do with the employee-employer relationship, no matter how much the mafia paid judges in the 1930s to say it was. This passage is about people being able to talk to their neighbors and meet about how the government is abusing them. We need this now more than ever.

While unions and “approved protests” are allowed to break out all over the country, real people working together are harassed, assaulted, and jailed. Business owners fighting against an unconstitutional mandate (lockdowns are illegal without martial law) are jailed for just trying to work. (If your response to this is “but the courts said,” the courts do not judge what is law and what is not law; the laws that have been passed or that are part of the Constitution do that.) This seems like something we should be allowed to meet about.

On the other hand, protests where cities are burned down are a right because drug addicts and people who shot at police died resisting arrest (also, miraculously, COVID does not go to these protests). Unpopular opinion: get rid of the violence and these protests are allowed also. The government has no right to tell people when they can or cannot meet on private property, or who should get permits for lawful assembly on public land.

The GOP, Oops I did it Again, Failure to Protect Gun Rights Award

It is no secret that many liberals want to take our guns away from us. The COVID pandemic gave some, like Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf, an opportunity to try to close access to firearms and ammunition during the early days of of the pandemic. Luckily, the courts told them no. We are, however, facing the problem that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have said they will use executive orders to take away guns.

This brings us to a much deeper point than just gun ownership. Where is executive order with the force of law, specifically to the American citizen, in the Constitution? Just like judicial review, these arbitrary, one-sided measures are not legal. The government does not command the people, it simply provides the services and protections that the people of the United States need.

Executive orders have always been a problem. Now they are manifesting as a much bigger problem than they have been over the past 200 odd years. The were wrong for Obama, they were wrong for Trump. Now we need to realize that they are wrong for our country.

The “Who the Hell is in My House Award”

The Who the Hell is In my house Award goes to, drum roll, teachers from Louisiana. During the cyber schooling period of the COVID pandemic, a teacher saw a BB gun in a young boys bedroom during a virtual class. Now, if it is not creepy enough that kids have to show their rooms to teachers (really, we are not looking at this?), the school suspended the young man without a hearing.

This is about as close to quartering government employees in a person’s home as we can get. This is a clear violation of the Third Amendment, and for those of you who do not believe that teachers are the same as police and military under Amendment 3: they have the three elements that are needed to oppress – status, power and the ability to take away a person’s rights. By the way, the child was a minority student from a good family; where are the BLM “woke” protesters for this kid?

The Search and Seizure? I Barely Know Her Award (With “Her” being the Constitution)

Red flag laws are not something new under the pandemic, but some states are using the COVID disease as an excuse to ratchet up attempts to take people’s guns away from them. This is a really simple question that most people should be able to agree on.

Where red flag laws work is where people have been adjudicated to be a threat to themselves or others by a court using due process. It is that simple. The government may not take something off of you that you own without due process. If they do, they are no longer a lawful government. This really comes down to decades of government overreach. Even banning automatic weapons or stealing Tesla’s estate were beyond the pale of what the government is able to legally do. When it is not done legally, then they are just a very good criminal syndicate, not a real government.

The 5th and 6th Amendment Do Not Matter Award

Imagine if I told you that the government could place you on house arrest for 8 months without any court case. That if you left your house, you had to wear something particular and if you went somewhere you were not supposed to go, then the government would fine you. Further, if you opened your business, you were told who was allowed to come to your business, who was allowed to buy from your business. If you violated any of these rules, you may be attacked, your business may be raided (by government or private thugs), or you personally could be attacked.

“Never in America” would be most people’s reply. But the above paragraph is true. It has happened, and if Biden comes into power, it shows no sign of going away. Our due process rights are under attack, just like our First and Second Amendment rights. While it is easy to look at it, rationalize it, even accept it. You gave up your rights, one at a time, without a fight. Getting them back is not going to be easy. In fact, those who have bought into the lie will tell you that you are selfish for even arguing with the facts that a disease that kills fewer people than heart disease or cancer should lock you away in your home. But the places that sell junk food and cigarettes that cause heart disease and cancer are “essential businesses.”

The “Our Courts Do Not Work for the People” Award

By now. most people have read about the shouting match from the Supreme Court, where 9 appointed justices turned down the challenge to the election results – not because there was not evidence for the case, but because they were afraid of riots if they did their jobs. What is the point of the court if the law is secondary to social fears?

This brings up a good point. Why do courts have the ability to decline cases? I understand that frivolous cases, filed to just make busy work, are a problem, but each and every one of us has the right to file a case if the value is over $20. We also have the right to have this case heard by a jury. And for those who argue that the Supreme Court does not have a jury, the 7th Amendment states that we have the right to a jury, whether the Justices like it or not. As another point in this area, no fact already tried by a court is to be re-examined by another court. This means that all appeals need to be based in law, not in fact. (Also, if you are saying “But the Supreme Court says” the Constitution trumps common law, bar none – if you feel that the court is above the Constitution, then you are part of the problem.)

The “Are we Still a Nation?” Question

This is not so much of an award as it is a question. We have given up so much this year. I am not making the argument that COVID is not a problem, it is. The point here is that so many other things have killed so many more people, and we have sit on the sidelines. Gang violence (you’re not allowed to say “gang” any more), failing schools (if you say a school needs improved, you supposedly hate teachers), failing medical systems (if you talk about this, you are a health denier), pedophiles in government (if you bring this up, you are a conspiracy nut), heart disease and cancer (if you bring this up, then you want to take away people’s rights on how they live their lives), preventing STDS and teen pregnancies (you are considered anti-woman and trying to dictate what happens in the bedroom). We have been conditioned for the last 50 years to not talk about important issues.

Kids in school are suspended if they talk about these things. College students are failed and expelled. Adults lose their jobs. All because they ask legitimate questions about their rights and their lives. Is this America?


La Morte D’arthur is the King Arthur story. Good dies and evil is denied its prize, but it is still a tragedy. Intermission is over, the lights have dimmed. America’s third act has begun in this new year of 2021. How will this story end? With the most powerful nation the world has ever known succumb to socialism? Did we lose the Cold War and were just too arrogant to realize it? Will the aristocracy of the media break the will of the people, using the lessons learned in Nazi Germany, to condition how each person thinks?

My fellow citizens, the pen is in your hands. Each day we write a little more of the story of our nation. When we do not write the story, we let others shape our world. If you are happy with what is happening, then it is not my place to tell you what you must do. However, if you are not happy with things, then I am willing to tell you what you can do.

Raise your voices. Go back to your churches, your temples and your synagogues. Call a neighbor, a relative or an old friend and ask them what they think about these problems these problems outlined herein. This is not the time to be polite, this is not the time to be scared to talk about things – this is the time to make your voice heard. Call your congressperson; if they do not respond – recall them and replace them. Run for office, local, state and national. Quit hiding from the world and be the change you want to see.

How does this story end? Well, this is up to you. The cast is set, the stage lights are on, and the actors are waiting for their cues. What are they going to do? America, you are the director; direct. An apathetic republic does not deserve to stand. Citizen, rule thyself.

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