Beyond the Pale: It’s Time To Start Holding Our Representatives Accountable

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Publius II

Nearly 250 years ago, our forebears told the leader of the most powerful country in the world that we had had enough, that the people of the United States (the colonies, as it was then) could not abide by the assaults upon the God given liberty by King George any longer. Only 25 days into the new Biden Regime, it is time for the people to make their voices heard once again. It is time for us to take our country back through the state processes.

The Litany of Failures

Joe Biden is not a president, he is a puppet of the radical left. There were some who hoped he would return to his moderate swamp creature ways, just collecting paychecks and padding the bank accounts of his political allies. He has not done this. Joe Biden has become a rogue president, a criminal in the Oval Office abandoning his oath of office and loyalty to the Constitution and turning his sights on crippling this great nation.

The people raised their voices and were ignored when he illegally breached the land allowance for the Keystone Pipeline. Once the contract was agreed to by the United States government, the abrogation of the contract is a violation of simple contract law. Biden breached the contract and it took away 70,000 American jobs directly (during an economic depression) and over 1 million jobs from the supporting market. To add insult to injury, Biden sent money overseas to build pipelines in other countries, giving jobs to foreigners rather than American citizens.

Biden also appointed two transgender people to high cabinet positions. This, on its own, is not a problem; however, in doing so, he also issued an edict that biological men can compete in women’s sports, a direct violation of Title IX. This forces women out of sports at the primary, secondary, and college level, jeopardizing their ability to earn scholarships and – for some – their main hope of attending college without massive debt. This is a direct violation of the civil rights acts (1967 and 1969) and an unconscionable assault on the future of an equal rights amendment.

Biden has also abused the power of the pen. The executive order process is already a constitutionally ambiguous element of the president’s power. Nowhere in the Constitution is this power vested in the office. While all presidents push the boundaries of this “privilege,” Biden has moved beyond what is acceptable, illegally ordering actions upon individual American citizens – mandamus that is restricted from government authority without due process. While many presidents have dozens of executive orders, Biden is on pace to break into the hundreds, if not thousands, of illegal executive orders.

The gravest sin we have seen is the militarization of Washington D.C. Looking more like Nazi Germany, Soviet Moscow, or Beijing, our nations capital has become a militarized fortress, with walls and razor wire. Crossing the literal Rubicon of the Potomac River, our national guard troops are now keeping Americans out of the seat of government while many politicians commit atrocities against liberties in the halls of Congress.

The Assault on the Constitution

The Bill of Rights of the United States Constitution, in its Second Amendment states, “The right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” This law was not created for hunting, this law was not created for collecting; this law was not even created. This is an acknowledgement of our human right to bear arms in defense of our homes and in defense of our nation.

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The idea of the right to bear arms has been around for a long time. Spartans, Prussians, Russians, and Chinese all had the right to bear arms. The right of the Spartans to bear arms was taken when they lost the war to Athens. The first thing that the Nazis did in Germany was to take guns away from those who were not of the party. Lenin and Stalin screamed for an army of workers, then took the guns off those workers before condemning them to Gulags. And now we see the government of China abusing their people in Hong Kong, who are defenseless against the Chinese military because they have no right to defend themselves. Despots around the world know that an armed populous can be a free populous; since taking guns away from law-abiding people does not stop criminals from possessing guns, what is the point of this action?

Joe Biden is asking for the Congress of the United States to pass a law to ban assault-style weapons (meaning any weapon that is semi-automatic), end the ability of people to transfer guns to one another, ban magazines that have a capacity over 10 rounds, and other wish list items from radical Democrats who want to undermine the freedom of people across the country.

The ban on any type of weapon by a United States citizen who has not committed a crime, nor been deemed mentally unfit, is a violation of the Untied States Constitution. The Founders wanted people to be armed with the same arms the government was equipped with in an effort to ensure that the government would not attempt to take away the rights of the republic. Any action that limits the right to own arms – including vehicles, ammunition, and accessories – is an unlawful infringement. This includes the National Firearms Act. The Supreme Court does not have the right to abridge the Constitution, and the Constitution is very clear on this point.

The idea that a person may not transfer a gun to another person is also an infringement. While background checks make sense – and there should be heavy penalties for anyone who acts as a straw man – we, as a nation, do not have to declare to the federal government what weapons we have. Biden’s proposal that people not only must have a background check, but must also have federal insurance listing the guns that they have and where they are stored is an affront to the Constitution. When the government tries to take guns and knows where they are, they can take them from people one by one. This also goes for people’s ability to make weapons at home – unless they sell those homemade weapons to other people, any action against this is an infringement.

Banning magazines, and even accessories like idiotic bump stocks, is also an affront to the Constitution. The mantra “if you need to have 30 rounds to hunt a deer, then you suck at hunting,” needs to be countered with, “these are not for deer, these are for traitors.” Suppressors, large magazines, and other accessories help level the playing field. This goes double for states trying to ban body armor; there is only one reason to ban body armor, and that is to ensure that it is easier for other people, should they want to kill you.

Call to Action

Clean your guns and keep them ready. This is not the time to use them, but that time can never be known. Now is the time states need to act as the bastions of constitutional law. We need to act, each within his or her own state, to protect our rights. Here’s how:

1. Call every representative and senator in your state. Tell them that any action on Biden’s plan is illegal and will be met with swift legal action against the sate and federal government for violations of civil and human rights. The Constitution declares the right to bear arms as a human right, the government shall not ban it. Be polite, but tell them this is not an item for negotiation.

2. Call every state representative and state senator and tell them you want a resolution to recall any elected official who does not support the Constitution of the United States. Regardless of the current state law, any state can recall members of its delegation who do not represent the interests of the state.

3. File lawsuits against any gun law on the book that affects you. There is no such thing as settled law, only constitutional law. When they try to take away your right to bear arms, they are attacking your civil rights – you can then apply for the government to cover the cost of the case.

4. Be vocal. Do not let others dictate your rights. Get on the news and comment, speak about gun safety, work with local associations and sportsman’s clubs to make sure you are protected.

5. Sign the petition for the impeachment of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for illegal attacks on our constitutional rights and crimes against humanity (the intentional displacement of tens of thousands of workers in the Midwest). With millions of signatures, we can show that if Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer do not take up the case, they are unfit for office and that we should remove all members of Congress and start anew.

Too many people are calling for immediate revolution; this is what the other side wants. They want to show the 10 percent who are willing to fight for their rights as selfish radicals who are pushing us into war. Use the tools we have at our disposal. War is always a last recourse and those who use it before they use the other methods available to them are fools.

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