Did Eighty Million People Really Sign Up For This?

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A small cabal of privileged elites persuaded Americans to replace God and anoint themselves as the voice of Almighty. Through, the sheer force of their words,  their opinions determine the course for society. This small group of experts, managers, and academics convinced millions to abandon reason and logic; for promises of benefits, based on unsubstantial evidence that’s lead to disastrous consequences.

While they speak from lofty positions of authority, are our betters wiser and knowledgeable than cab drivers, farmers, or bakers? The public never sees two bakers getting into theoretical arguments on if it’s better to use raisins or cranberry for apple pie?  However, government bureaucrats will wreck society debating meaningless debates on the imperial implications of fixing a pothole. Projects that need completion, get postponed because who, not solutions become the top priority of the expert class. . For the privileged society should have busted bridges than have white males, in place of minorities and transgenders doing the work.

 Saying screw this, I am taking initiative by fixing the pothole myself. Might lead to heavy fines, public humiliation, or imprisonment. The expert class would rather burden society with high taxes and expensive healthcare cost than see residents do the unfathomable; using their common sense and own judgment. 

 Public cries for government intervention, lead to conceding more power from citizens to a small cabal of unelected government bureaucrats. What needs fixing, remains incomplete by who shall we reward fixing the pothole. There may be five white males ready to fix the pothole, but for the elites, the right mixture of minorities and gender becomes top priority. If a mayor or governor sees the pothole as a sense of urgency and hires an all-white male company to fix the pothole. He can face lawsuits by Civil Rights Leaders and LGBT activists were offended because no Hispanics or trans were doing the work. If that hurdle is breached, then the environmentalists will become incensed because residents are putting cardboard boxes in non-biodegradable containers. What should take hours, now takes years because using white males to solve society’s problems engages in white privilege.

Society has allowed this small cabal to harass, bully and intimidate. People that think freely and refuse to lay supine before their feet. The media have portrayed those that trust God, not elites as selfish, impure, or full of hate in need of discipline and re-educating. What is it that rubes need re-educating on? Where is the wisdom, denying 18-year-olds from drinking in bars, while sending them off to faraway places to die in rich man’s wars?  What complicated math do you need to recognize, outsourcing American jobs for slave wages, does not benefit Americans but wealthy elites? Do those on the border need lectures seeing their safety undermined as the elite erect walls and borders in Washington DC? 

Even though these unelected czars and bureaucrats never produce wealth, create jobs, or contribute anything positive to society. Unfortunately, too many believe their opinions come from Yahweh himself. The mislead; sloganeer “Bumper stickers” such as trust the science or follow the data. When retrieving information is not the same as applying information practically.

 The beginning of wisdom is saying I know nothing, I can gain wisdom chatting with a homeless person, but elites have replaced God as sages who have all the answers. It amazes me, those who read the Washington Post or New York Times, believe they are more informed and wiser than the unwashed masses in flyover country. If you take the average Washingtonian and dropped them off in Oklahoma, they will freeze to death or be swept by a tornado before year-end. However, the Lame Stream Media continually paints the person who tills the soil, as ignorant hicks in need of ideas, judgment, and poor opinions. 

They shout, “Play Fair” as the privileged life by the Law of the Jungle. They have turned the American Dream into an Orwellian nightmare. For years, I tried to making sense of elitism. Only to conclude that you become senseless rationalizing their irrational behavior. You cannot have a rational conversation with someone hellbent on being miserable.

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 Unfortunately, this insanity seeped into our politics. I never thought I would get into a screaming match with, my neighbors over what is a male or female. I got straight A’s in biology, now I’m looked at as the crazy one because those with knots in their throat are not men!!!!  I do not get it!!! The same people that champion women’s equality now believes taking females scholarships away and giving them to people that do not carry reproduce is gender equality. If you are a female that voted for Joe Biden, were you on board with men playing women’s sports? 

 The Left’s top priority is not lowering crime, securing the borders, or creating jobs but gender-neutral restrooms. Donald Trump; the unwashed rube tried, to have income wealth created in America, so we’re not dependent on other nations. But the people did not want jobs or better opportunities. They want boarded-up buildings, empty sidewalks, and soup lines rather than make soup and serve it to others. 

 It is odd that the same people that believe socialism wonderful. Take their government checks and squander them at Walmart and Amazon who pay their worker’s low wages, pay little taxes and do nothing for the communities of color 

But I guess we all need to stand idle cheer democracy in action because Joe Biden won 80 million votes and is the most popular president in history. Because it is what the ruling elite wants society to believe.

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