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Did Eighty Million People Really Sign Up For This?

A small cabal of privileged elites persuaded Americans to replace God and anoint themselves as the voice of Almighty.

Sorry Bernie Bro’s: Bernie Is A Con Man

How you can tell Bernie and similar Socialists are pitching a con. Examples of past behaviors and results.

Confessions of A Black Trump Supporter

I have felt the Left's hate about being a Black Conservative in Washington DC. Standing strong for what he believes is one of the reasons I support President ...

Uninhibited Truth: Why I As a Black Man Support Donald Trump for 2020

It's shocking when Leftists ask Trump supporters how they could possibly do so. It is especially so for people of color who support the president. Here's the ...

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  1. Jeffery McNeil
    Jeffery McNeil August 9, 2019 at 4:52 pm

    I find it odd that the lessons they going to have an honest conversation on racism then when honestly conversation with them they call you a racist

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