Uninhibited Truth: Why I As a Black Man Support Donald Trump for 2020

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The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

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I find it amusing when a Leftist says “How can you support Donald Trump? Don’t you know he’s racist!!!??” It never occurs to Leftists that some of us know more than they do. I’m about to tell you the uninhibited truth. Growing up in Atlantic City, I once worked for Trump and gambled in his casinos. I saw the good, bad and ugly of President Trump.

Today’s liberals are authoritarians.

I remember when he owned the New Jersey Generals and once gave Herschel Walker, a black American, the largest football contract in history. He was influential in resuscitating George Foreman’s career, once had a long term relationship with an African American woman and gave millions to a soup kitchen for the homeless

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Here is the Truth

Racial shakedown artist Al Sharpton once considered him a friend. He received awards from the likes of Jesse Jackson and donated to Democrats such as Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. Shockingly, now he’s a racist. 
However, facts never matter to Leftists. Despite the many photos of black celebrities sitting next to Trump, the Left will shout “Racist!”

Leftists claim his comments about Mexico and third world countries are racist. Many are still wondering why these comments are considered racist. I’m not anti-immigrant, but I’m not naive either. I may not like the way Trump words the immigrant situation, but to dismiss or ignore the problems along the Southern border is derelict.

To pretend no drugs, crime or terrorists cross our border is one of the reasons many rejected the Left for Donald Trump. Before we talk about Healthcare, impeachment or Climate Change, our first priority should be making sure our borders are secure. So why are Leftists adamantly opposed to keeping Americans safe? 

Answer the Question, Please

How come the Left can’t answer President Trump’s question? Why do we bring immigrants from third world countries, that can’t find meaningful work and refuse to assimilate? Why is the Left trying to punish Middle-Class taxpayers and reward people that entered our country illegally with drivers licenses and free healthcare? 

I find it insulting that white liberal thinks so little of People of Color they feel it’s their obligation to speak for us and defend us. It’s so sad Black Americans can’t see that white liberals are doing them no favors speaking for them while they languish in their safe space. Be a man and fight your own battles instead of having liberals treat you like infants! I don’t get it.  African Americans scream racism and oppression, yet they keep voting for people that keep them in there oppression. 

Being African American why should I be impressed by Elizabeth Warren and Beto O Rourke who tell you how much they’re for African Americans when they are the Rachel Dolezal’s of politics. They want to identify as everything but white. Why would I want that kind of self-hating and white guilt leading this country?  

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President Trump doesn’t apologize for being a white male and I absolutely love it. Maybe we have it twisted. Black Americans have been told all our lives we are victims. That we need good-hearted white liberals to save and protect us. We’ve been suffering more under their domination then when living under Jim Crow. 

Maybe Black Americans would be better off if we had a President that did absolutely nothing for us. When you have enemies and you are forced to compete and defend, Black Americans will develop a survival mindset rather than look to white liberals that look down on you because they feel sorry for you. 

The Democrats promise of free stuff is nothing new, that’s the truth. They’ve been promising everything from Health Care to Reparations for generations. It’s easy to get Democrats elected, but once you put them in power, you get San Francisco and Baltimore. High crime, drugs, murder, and corruption. Donald Trump isn’t offering free stuff. He is offering you freedom.  The Left wants to label you while Trump wants you to keep what you earn and pursue your dreams. 

They Don’t Want to Hear it

The truth is Liberals don’t want to hear why you support Trump. They want to shout and scream “Racist.”  When you know in your heart your not. I once campaigned for Jesse Jackson, helped New York City’s only black mayor David Dinkins get elected, and twice knocked on doors for Barack Obama. 

Now I get attacked because I don’t believe white people owe me anything. Liberals don’t understand the majority of Trump supporters aren’t racist. HIs supporters aren’t trying to dominate or conquer them. I don’t care who you sleep with or what you do in your private affairs. However, today’s Left has become “Big Brother.” They want to control all aspects of your life. 

Find Another Place to be!

The hate is not coming from Trump supporters. If I don’t want anything to do with your private life, how can I oppress you? President Trump is right. If you’re not happy in America, there are plenty of socialist countries to move to. March, protest and shout from the rafters but you will not change one letter of the Constitution or Democracy!

Unfortunately Leftists do not want dialogue and debate because that takes compromise and accepting there are no perfect solutions, only trade-offs. Today’s liberals are authoritarians. The “My way or the highway” approach is why many abandoned the Left and joined the Trump Train. 

The Truth and the Trump Train.
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