Unbelievable! Conservative College Students Live in Fear

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Conservative Students Feel Unsafe in School

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It’s been a long running trope in conservative circles that college campuses are not a friendly place for young conservative minded students. If perception is reality, then the US higher learning institutions have a major political and free speech problem. Up until recently everything about political bias has been solely anecdotal and written off as coincidence. A recent opinion poll of college Republican are finally tying these experiences together. More and more we hear of increasingly violent conditions on college campuses for Conservative students.

The only way to stop this is for Conservative students and professors to stand up against the threat.

Matthew Vitale, a UC Riverside student, was assaulted and had his MAGA hat removed by a fellow student, who even called for Vitale to be arrested. Such occurrences are becoming common and are receiving less attention by the press because of how normalized they are. Thus far, this was limited to anecdotal evidence, which allowed college administrators to explain it away as a series of unconnected events. Now, according to College Pulse, there’s finally some scientific data to show how widespread the problem is.

According to their recent poll, 73% of college Republicans have refused to discuss their political views in class for fear it would affect their grade. Based on this, we know that these college Republicans don’t feel safe expressing themselves. Additionally, we know that the overall educational experience is affected. Universities are supposed to be the places of scholarly ideas, debates and discussion. How can any kind of debate exist when one side is afraid to express itself? And what type of environment are campuses today if students think their grades could be affected in this manner? Rational thinking tells us that two reasonable people could look at the facts and come to a different conclusion.

Afraid to Speak

Further, when conservative journalists try to interview members of universities’ College Republicans, many times the request is ignored or denied. Sometimes, though they agree to comment, they prefer to remain anonymous. Such was the case in the writing of this article. The fear integrated on college campuses by professors is real and it is everywhere. I have seen instances with conservative students who want to stand up for the truth, but are afraid of not passing a class or an assignment if they provide a conservative answer.

Conservative students are often left with an ultimatum; answer the essay question in a liberal way or fail the assignment or class if a conservative answer is given, despite the students personal views. The age old adage,“I won’t judge you on your answer, but on how you gave it,” has essentially gone out the window. And so begs the question, why are professors so against students giving their own views? After all, at the end of the day, the professors are the ones with the degree and are the only ones reading the essay. Why is it that one essay by a conservative student seen only by the professor is punished?

Emotion Driven Decisions

The answer is clear and not surprising. Time and time again we see liberals go on the defensive and attack using an ad hominem approach instead of attacking conservative arguments. Why? They simply can’t. They spend so much time attacking people’s characters, disrespecting the president, and watching MSNBC and CNN (being fed information) that they aren’t able to defend what they believe. This is a consequence of emotions driving decisions rather than objectivity.

When professors see an essay or answer that liberal indoctrination has told them is wrong, they are threatened. As pathetic as it sounds, one essay, one conservative student, can threaten the entire stance and knowledge of someone who is supposed to be the one with the answers. Schools like Harvard and Princeton used to be founded on Christian and conservative principles. Now those very schools, the Ivy league ones that are supposed to be putting out the brightest minds, are the very schools lying to their students, brainwashing them with liberal indoctrination, and not allowing the students to think for themselves.

No Surprise

Schools as prominent as Harvard, Princeton, and Yale are afraid to have their students think for themselves, so it is no surprise that other schools and professors are following suit. I covered a conference for work one time, and though it was “non-partisan” it was filled with liberal policies. Everyone I interviewed, while nice, said the same version of the same things, sometimes they were almost verbatim. It was scary. What this all boils down to is fear. Liberals are afraid of being wrong or someone having an idea that may be better than theirs, so they brainwash the very people that have the most impact on the next generation.

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If America’s professors can change the minds of their students or fill their heads with the liberal agenda, more democratic and liberal leaders will spring forth- brainless, evil, and ready to destroy America. The only way to stop this is for Conservative students and professors to stand up against the threat. You are stronger and you can win. Write the essay, ask the hard question, and when you’re kicked out of class or threatened, tell the media. You aren’t alone, and you will not be silenced.

M.T. Arthur
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