Alec Baldwin’s 2017 Tweet Surfaces Criticizing Wrongful Murders After He Accidentally Kills a Colleague on Film Set

Thursday night reports started rolling in that former MSNBC host and Hunt for Red October star, Alec Baldwin, had accidentally shot and killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins in Sante Fe, NM.

While the shooting on set is being reported as an accident it highlights a tweet Alec Baldwin tweeted out back in 2017. In the tweet Baldwin tweeted “I wonder how it must feel to wrongfully kill someone….” with an attached video of a Huntington Beach Police Officer.

As of 8:30 PM PST the tweet was still up on Baldwin’s Twitter feed. Baldwin has had a temperamental relationship with Twitter having previously deactivated his account twice. The first in 2013 after a rant and again back in March of this year over accusations that his wife is not from Spain.

Baldwin also had a few words to say about Dick Cheney’s shooting accident:

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M.T. Arthur
M.T. Arthur
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