DeAnna Lorraine’s Website Censored Amid Campaign to Unseat Pelosi

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Get the Word Out: San Francisco Cleanup

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The race for California’s 12th district just got interesting.  Challenging Nancy Pelosi is author and conservative DeAnna Lorraine. Aside from challenging long seated politicians, Lorraine has been active as a political commentator on her own YouTube podcast, Winning the Culture War.

On Monday she launched Clean up San Francisco using the Twitter hashtags #SFCleanup and #CleanupChallenge, and told her viewers to meet up at 9am near San Francisco City Hall. Lorraine and a group of volunteers met up to go out and clean up the streets of her voting district. Instead of receiving help to get the message for the clean up out to the people, she experienced what appeared to be censorship.

Deanna tweeted out the following: “They are sabotaging me on my day of #SFCleanup! Look what they’ve done to my website today :/ Pls DM if your interested in helping with the cleanup today, I’ll be checking DMs all day!”

Attached to her tweet was a photo that read that “the connection was not private.” It went on to say, “the website may be impersonating ‘’ to steal personal or financial information.” The address is Lorraine’s official congressional campaign webpage,  At the time of this article was also down, but it’s unclear if the issues are related.

Lorraine’s campaign Twitter profile features videos of her sharing with her followers details about her cleanup. In one clip, Lorraine states, “We are dealing with an American problem. It’s not partisan. Democrat, Republican, Independent, it doesn’t matter. It’s a problem we can all unite on and come together. And I love those issues that we can all unite on together because we our own, we are all an American family.”

The former relationship counselor turned congressional candidate had grown frustrated with the state of the country and establishment leaders and decided to run for California’s 12th District to unseat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. She is an accomplished relationship counselor, radio personality, and author.  She authored the book Make Love Great Again! Frequently in her writings and on her political podcast, she discusses the problems of our society created by social justice warriors and believes the answer to Making America Great Again lies in making American culture great again—restoring American values, patriotism, relationships between men and women, and the family.

M.T. Arthur
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