Trump Leaves the Hospital After Just 72 Hours

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Discharged from Walter Reed Medical Center

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President Donald Trump left the hospital in record time after being hospitalized since Friday, October 2, at Walter Reed Medical Center. Once discharged on October 5th, he was flown back to the White House in the presidential Marine One helicopter.

Leftists in the United States were in tears on Monday, October 5th, when Trump posted a video on his Twitter account showing his return home to the White House, where he removed his mask, waved to some people, and saluted the Marine One helicopter. The shock seemed to stem from the President removing his mask to enter his own home.

Under the care of a physician at the White House, Trump will continue his treatment on Remdesivir. Trump underwent several tests, including liver and kidney tests, before being released from Walter Reed. The doctors said all the results were satisfactory. Trump is 74, technically obese, and takes cholesterol-lowering drugs, which increase health risks for coronavirus.

Trump Speaks Messages of Courage and Hope

In Maryland, during his stay at Walter Reed, supporters gathered bearing flags and well wishes gathered. Trump even made a video to update his situation during hospitalization. Trump said, “The election campaign will return soon.”

Upon arriving at the White House, Trump made another video where he conveyed a very important message to everyone afraid of the “Chinese virus.” He said, “One thing is certain, don’t let this dominate you. Don’t be afraid, you will beat it. We have the best medical equipment, the best medicines all developed recently and you will beat it.” Trump goes on to say, ” Don’t let this dominate, don’t let this take control of your lives, don’t let this happen to the best country in the world.” Trump’s remarks were so profound in light of the so-called Mainstream Media sowing terror in people’s minds for months, with videos from Wuhan, China (the epicenter of the disease) and daily, rising death counters.

In his first speech since returning home from the hospital, Trump gave a very important message to not be afraid of the virus. The Chinese virus is really dangerous, but people’s fear and psychological terror is largely due to the spread by the media since the end of last year. By “declaring don’t be afraid, don’t let that overwhelm you,” Trump hoped to bolster America’s courage. And when he says to not to let it “take control of your life,” he spoke to the many people who stopped living their lives and following their dreams and plans due to the Chinese plague. Trump urged Americans to go back to their normal lives. These post-hospitalization Trump’s speeches bring hope to Americans, less than 30 days before the presidential election.

Augusto Oliveira
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