Brazilian Company’s Job Vacancy Is Only for Blacks

Magazine Luiza Show’s Outright Bias

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We’re almost in 2021 and racism still exists. Society still has not evolved to understand that differences in sex or race should not create a divide. A Brazilian company called Magazine Luiza (Magalu) opened a selection process for new trainees in 2021. The job is only open for blacks.

The company’s job listing had repercussions on social networks. The company’s decision opened a dispute between those who praise the measure and those who accuse Magalu of “reverse racism” with whites, using the hashtag #MagazineLuizaRacist. Labor judge Ana Luiza Fischer Teixeira de Souza Mendonça tweeted, “Discrimination in hiring by skin color is unacceptable. In my Constitution, this is still prohibited.” Fischer is a judge at Justiça do Trabalho (RLC-3). After the repercussion, he suffered reports of racism and decided to delete the Twitter post.

When launching the job hiring program, Magazine Luiza said, “the objective is to bring more racial diversity to the company’s leadership positions, recruiting university students and recent graduates from all over Brazil at the beginning of their careers.” Carlos Jordy, deputy leader of the government in the chamber, chimed in on the criticisms. The deputy stated that he is filing a request for representation in the Public Prosecutor’s Office against the company so that a crime of racism is determined.

The president of the Palmares Cultural Foundation, Sérgio Camargo, also echoed the theme. The journalist for the Tuesday Free Channel Allan dos Santos in one of the channel’s newsletters said to remember about racism: “I saw a tweet that says: the last time I saw whites wanting to hire only blacks was at the end of the 19th century.” The journalist also said, “This is just another attempt to generate segregation,” that is, to generate a class struggle, as the communist Karl Marx defended.

Augusto Oliveira
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