The Revelation That Corona Brings

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It’s been said that when something happens, it’ll show the true nature of a person.  Put the pressure on someone and they reveal themselves to be who they really are when stressed.  Or if you get accustomed to someone, they tend to lay down their defenses and such that they’ll begin to show their real side.  The strange thing about the Left is we always knew them to a wicked, wicked group of people.  It shows up in numerous ways from literally creating extremely dastardly stories in order to assassinate someone’s character like Julie Swetnick did with Brett Kavanaugh.  Or the notion that Kyle Rittenhouse is a racist serial killer in training.  And in the latest iteration of Leftist behavior and Democrat debacle is when the Left have been and continue to label The Proud Boys as “white supremacist” when the head of the group is Hispanic and there are number of black men in the group which makes this “white supremacist” group far more diverse than any Black Lives Matter protest who are more white than anything else.  But any scrolling through the Twitter verse and anyone with a blue check mark is utterly showing their disgraceful colors as news broke out that both PResident Trump and First Lady Melania contracted the Wuhan coronavirus.

Tested Positive for Pure TDS

On the President’s multiple platforms, he announced on Friday October 2nd that both he and wife Melania tested positive for COVID-19.  Over 1.6 million likes from both supporters and detractors alike along with over 146000 comments all expressing prayers and toxic poison, the spread of reaction is interesting.  What we do know is the Left is acting in pure unadulterated fashion as many of them are wishing a slow death for the President.  Others are reveling in the fact that President Trump was maskless for most of the time the U.S. was closed and are vomiting “I told you so’s” all over the place.  Many are literally wishing death on the President and while it’s nothing new, it is also very surprising how utterly these people actually are real.  They are memes, like this darling treasure and others like them who continue to tout claims that have been debunked numerous times and yet, they still don’t see their own stupidity.

Conspiracies Have Emerged

Even in the midst of all the lunatic derangement from the Left, some are stating this is a 4D chess move.  Trump tweeted this out but does he really have the coronavirus?  With his access to hydroxychloroquine and zinc along with a 99.94% recovery rate, on top of him being in moderate health both physically and mentally, some are speculating this is another move to fake the deep state and reveal more treason within the government and media.  Some are arguing that this move from Trump will invariably force the country to open through citizen pushback at their own tyrannical governors and local officials.  None of this can be officially proven as they are from people who are also speculating but it is fun to think about how Trump has been a master chess player moving whom he will and closing the gap on the Left.  One way or another, with the President current state that he’s let us know, we are wishing him and his wife a healthy and speedy recovery.

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