First Presidential Debate Recap

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What do you get when you get a freight train going a billion miles an hour headed towards a tiny little upright wooden plank?  This is exactly the visual cue one should have when they refer to the first 2020 Presidential debate.  That’s not to say that our President is without criticism but to see former Vice President Joe Biden flounder and parrot was too painful to watch and yet Biden did meet very low expectations but in a different way.

Profiling the Freight Train

It should be said that the performance of the President was less than stellar.  When we say Trump is the freight train, it also means that he’s a freight train without a conductor hauling tons of pipe bomb material on the cargo.  He was very off the cuff and very in your face for his first debate with his Democrat candidate.  That is not to say that he didn’t have valid jabs but in retrospect, Trump should have held back and let the Vice President hang himself and yet Trump did not.  A good 75% of the debate were filled with interruptions that quite frankly caused more confusion than directly answering the questions and the American people would like clear answers.  The answers that Trump could get out were helpful as he recounted all of the facts that his administration did but again, due to the bombastic nature of his actions, nobody really knew what he was talking about.

Cue the Peon

If there is one things we are beginning to see with Fox News correspondents, is that they are CNN lite.  Chris Wallace was no different.  Throughout the night, he was not moderating but debating the President.  Again, par for the course for the mainstream media and it looks like Fox News as a whole minus Tucker Carlson and Jessie Watters are beginning to take their cues from CNN which is unfortunate as that gives the American people little balance in terms of where they get their information.  Throughout the night, Wallace to did toss some hard balls but again, there was no followup and definitely did not challenge Biden on anything.  It goes to show where Wallace stands in terms of how he feels about Trump and based on where the weight of his questioning was located, his position on Trump was clear.

Profiling the Plank

The most poignant thing about the plank which we are stating is Biden, is he didn’t have as many gaffes as he’s known to have had.  But anyone who has paid attention to the culture war will see that Biden parroted almost every single social justice publication there is out there.  It was as if he spent time in his basement memorizing Slate, Salon, .Mic, the New York Times, Vox, The Young Turks, and so on as every response and every jab at the President sounds exactly like Carlos Maza if Carlos Maza was a deteriorating senile old man.


There were many highlights but what we should also be wary of is Biden’s positions.  The Democrat positions didn’t offer much.  Biden spoke a lot about supporting the Green New Deal which you can read as it is only five pages long.  In terms of his handling of the Wuhan virus, Biden parroted many of the key points that he believed he did well on.  We can say for certain he genuinely believes what he says he would do so we have to give him credit for sincerity.  That’s the scary part is that he is taking himself seriously so when he says he is going to expand Obamacare, he will if he is elected.  When he says he will work to implement the Green New Deal, he plans on it.  When he says he will shut down the country again to “stop the spread”, amidst the numbers that have devastated states like New York, Michigan, California, and other blue states which are well documented, he will.  When Biden claims he will increase taxes, bank on it.  Any solution that Biden plans on doing, he says he will do but the $93 trillion dollar question that was never addressed was, how.  Biden never said.  The problem also is we never heard what Trump was going to do as he spent too much time trying to defend his record and not focus on new plans and new methods to stop the virus or boosting the economy or revitalizing the health care system.  Between the annoyance that was Chris Wallace, the Vox-type accusations Biden spit, and Trump’s continual interrupting of the debates, it really is anyone’s guess.  What you can be sure though is the Trump campaign will need to rethink their strategy for the next few debates because tonight was definitely not a good look for Trump.  Yes, Trump had a few zingers and confronted Biden about his lies that he parroted from the New York Times, even with Wallace’s help but if this kind of performance continues, it’s going to be difficult for even the most ardent Trump supporter to figure out what he’ll do and that’s what was missing from the debate.

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