Then They Came For Trump

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First they came for our businesses, shutting us down and demanding to comply with measures that decimated our livelihood. Then they came for our schools, keeping our kids from learning and parents from working. Then they came for Trump – liberal America was gleeful at the prospect that Trump could be a coronavirus victim, the ultimate “ I told you so.”

But liberal America can only distort reality through the media, not through facts. The facts are that this virus is no more deadly than the flu. Most states in the nation have not adopted draconian measures to control the virus and the healthcare systems are operating and functional, but these facts are willfully ignored and instead, fear mongering is the weapon of choice. 

As usual, the population that is most exploited by this misinformation is minorities. The left will peddle statistics that blacks are 3 times more likely to die from the coronavirus than their white counterparts. What no one is talking about is the depths of poverty that these minority communities are being further plunged into for the sake of mitigating marginal deaths, primarily in the elderly population.

The economic crisis that is being driven by the pandemic is just another tool by the Democrats to further victimize their most prized demographics that are crucial to securing power. 

President Trump, despite being in the high risk category, battled the virus in the span of a few days and will be back running the country and driving his campaign to victory this November. If the ‘most vulnerable’ can overcome this virus so easily, now is the time to take accountability over the devastating costs that have been incurred to mitigate this deadly disease.

The best way to demand this accountability and to advocate for your community before they come for you is to vote in person on November 3rd.

Randall Edwards
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