Experts: Lockdowns Do Not Work!

Lockdowns Kill, Hundreds of Millions Suffer

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Lockdowns caused 30 million Americans to become unemployed, hundreds of thousands to face losing their homes, and kept 51 million children out of school. Worse yet, the lockdowns are actually killing people. Calls to suicide hotlines have increased 600%, while as many as 150,000 Americans per month are missing their cancer screenings. Heart attack treatments in 9 leading hospitals are down 40%. “The downstream health effects…are being massively under-estimated and under-reported. This is an order of “magnitude error,” wrote Simone Gold, M.D. The lockdowns are “a terrible public-health blunder. That harm will play out for years as Americans discover cancer, heart-disease and other diagnoses that were missed or delayed.”

According to a study from Edinburgh University published in the British Medical Journal, in addition to extending the duration of the pandemic, the lockdowns are preventing people from developing immunity to the coronavirus and will result in a higher death toll. The study also confirmed what is already known. There is no reason to close schools because children are largely not susceptible to the disease. The researchers recommend shielding the old and vulnerable, while allowing the rest of the population to develop immunity. Specifically, the authors of the study recommend locking down entire households of those who have tested positive and all persons over 70 while allowing the rest of the populace to live life normally.

Leading UK scientists expressed their support for the “Great Barrington Declaration“, a document calling for life to return to normal. As of October 7th, more than 9,000 doctors and medical experts had signed on. These experts are saying that not only are school closures unnecessary but even the practice of social distancing in schools is prolonging the virus and leading to more deaths.

Experts Against the Lockdowns Disregarded

Dr. Jane Orient, executive director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, has been against masks and lockdowns from the beginning. She also backed the use of hydroxychloroquine, which thousands of doctors in the US and all over Europe and Asia have found effective in treating covid patients. These doctors were called “quacks” by mainstream media, and their videos and papers were censored by Facebook and Twitter. She also warns that lockdown restrictions are having a huge negative impact on non-COVID patients. When Forbes Magazine asked Dr. Orient how many lives had been saved by these measures, she answered, “Zero!”

Back in March, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention predicted that the virus would run through the whole country because this is what viruses do. At the same time, more than 600 physicians signed a letter they sent to the president asking him to repeal the lockdowns because of their lack of efficacy as well as highlighting the serious negative health consequences they cause. A recent piece in the Wall Street Journal determined, “The lockdown-as-miracle-cure is a fantasy, as the World Health Organization has now acknowledged.”

Had the anti-lockdown voices been heard in March, the country could have avoided the months of unemployment and fear, deaths, and suffering. They could have avoided the decades it will take for the economy to recover. Grace-Marie Turner, in her article in Forbes, noted the total number of victims of the lockdown have yet to be quantified, but preliminary research suggests the US has already experienced a sharp increase in “alcoholism, homelessness, suicide, heart attack, stroke, and kidney failure,” as well as youth “unemployment, despair, drug addiction, unplanned pregnancies, poverty, and abuse.”

Save a Life, End the Lockdown

The pro-lockdown camp claims that they want to save lives. As noted in an article in, “Yet evidence suggests lockdowns are not particularly effective at curbing the spread of COVID-19.” Consequently, in no previous pandemic has the US had a lockdown. Adjusted for the larger size of the US population today, nearly twice as many Americans died in the 1957-1958 flu and yet there were no lockdowns. The 1919 Spanish Flu was the deadliest pandemic in US history and even then, the country did not lockdown.

According to the Epoch Times, “Over 14,000 scientists and medical practitioners have signed a petition against lockdown.” The petition was co-authored by Harvard Professor of Medicine Dr. Martin Kulldorff, Oxford Professor Dr. Sunetra Gupta, and Stanford Medical School Professor Dr. Jay Bhattacharya and expresses concern over the damaging physical and mental health impacts of the lockdowns. It also calls for a more focused policy of protecting the vulnerable and allowing the rest of society to achieve herd immunity. The group suggests that restaurants, sports, entertainment, and schools should reopen. As published on the BBC, allowing society to build up immunity to the disease will benefit everyone including the vulnerable, the group says.

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Permanently Wrecked

The US economy has been permanently wrecked. If you point this out to lockdown enthusiasts, they will accuse you of putting money before lives. They are missing the point, however, that hundreds of millions of lives are suffering from the lockdown. Of the businesses that closed in the US, over 100,000 are expected to never reopen and 40 million jobs are gone forever. Meanwhile, the US debt has increased to $26.3 trillion. Globally, 100,000 million people are expected to slip into extreme poverty due to the lockdowns. These are real lives and real people who are suffering, many of whom will die as a result of the covid lockdown. So, it is not the anti-lockdown camp who is expressing a disdain for human life. Rather, it is the pro-lockdown camp that is killing people.

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