2021 Christmas Retail Rankings: From Bass Pro to Apple

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Americans will spend over $800 on gifts for friends, family, and the poor this Christmas. Most of that spending will happen with retailers like Amazon (1.62), Barnes & Noble (2.80), and Lego (3.05) – companies which range from moderately conservative to distinctly liberal.  We don’t...

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The Death of New York City

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New York may have seen its best days. Lockdowns, riots, and skyrocketing crime signal loss of businesses, residents, tax base and visitors.

Economic Impact: The George Floyd Riots

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The recent rash of riots and looting may wind up costing as much as $1 billion in property damage, theft, lost sales, lost wages, lost taxes, and jobs.

The Diversity Conundrum

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No one in Big Tech learned a lesson from the infamous Google memo. Now they are realizing their error. due to quality numbers dropping.

Low Income Tax Returns are Good

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Americans are conditioned to want high income tax refunds. They are just checks the government gives you for catching them having too much of your money.