Trump Economy is the Hottest in the World Right Now

Trump Economic Policies are Working

While in his seventh quarter in office, President Trump has succeeded in establishing the U.S. Economy as a strong presence on the international stage!

FOX business reported, “Small business owners’ optimism touched a 35-year high with businesses setting records in terms of job creation and hiring.”

The new Trump economic policies are working. This economic boom is sustainable and will become a trend going forward with growth and prosperity. We are in the midst of an investment boom with new factories being built, increased wages, increased family incomes and increased productivity. The U.S. has only 4% unemployment causing employers to state that 1/3 of jobs are currently unfilled as it is difficult to find skilled workers.

The new Trump economic policies are working.

Every working American is feeling the recovery with lower tax rates, regulatory roll-backs, and increased business & consumer confidence. Even our budget deficit is smaller.

The Associated Press reported, “Businesses are optimistic about the outlook and stepping up hiring in anticipation of solid future growth, resulting in more available jobs.”

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U.S. currency is strong. The stock market is strong. Capital is coming in from China, Russia & Europe. Over One Trillion Dollars has been repatriated already, which is way ahead of forecasts.

According to, the deep recession under President Obama was sluggish, at best, with numbers ranging between – 2.8% in 2009, to 2.6% in 2015. Conversely, President Trump can easily boast a solid 4.1% in only six quarters!!! President Trump has liberated the economy!

President Trump is the Best Leader America Has Seen in Decades

In my opinion, President Trump is the greatest leader, economically, of our country in 20 years. This is a real economic recovery. Moreover, the “Trump Boom” is just beginning! Trump has done what he said he was going to do which makes me very optimistic!

What does all of this mean? By almost every measure, approval polls for President Trump are headed in the right direction with 88% of Republicans strongly approving of the job President Trump is doing!

I was impressed to hear that President Trump donated his 2nd Quarter, 2018 salary to restoring Veteran’s Cemeteries. What a year and I believe we are only just beginning to Make the Economy Great Again.

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Carla D'Addesi
Carla D'Addesi
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