NY Pro-Abortion Law: LA, FL, OH, TN, NM, RI Could Be Next

Multistate Plans to Push Legal Abortion Beyond New York and Virginia

The Left says they have a multistate plan to push late term abortion in as many states as possible, according to The Washington Post. They haven’t called out any states, but I see activity in Louisiana, Florida, Ohio, Tennessee, New Mexico, Rhode Island and more, pushing this political showdown on abortion. Elections have consequences and the Left has proven they can not be trusted to maintain even the slightest form of decency when it comes to the lives of the tiniest people. What we are seeing right now are states with liberal governors teaming up with Planned Parenthood. And, what’s even more disturbing is the money angle. As we all know, Planned Parenthood makes money off of every pregnant woman that comes through their deadly doors.

The Left tells young girls that the Conservative Right is the one with a ‘War on Women.’

What’s happening in public schools and in the culture of America is alarming. My three daughters are being marketed this Planned Parenthood, cool, hip, culture of death. They lie to our teens and tween girls and tell them it’s okay to be sexually promiscuous and then double down on that lie by saying an abortion will just wash away any problems that might arise. All of that is a lie. Sex too early, sex that results in pregnancy, and ending the life of another human, all have humongous consequences on the mental state of our young women. And, to add even more insult to injury, the Left then tells young girls, that the Conservative Right is the one with a ‘War on Women.’ It’s astonishing.

Become a Pro-Life Advocate, Push Back the Left’s Agenda

Yesterday’s ‘red flags’ have turned into tomorrow’s headlines. The time to stand up is now. It’s never too late to get started and stand up for life. Pro-life advocacy has been in my family a long time. I organized my first pro-life rally in college in 1990. 

Carla D’Addesi and her daughters have been recognized by VP Pence for rallying over months to keep Planned Parenthood out of schools in Philadelphia.

My daughters received national attention when they rallied outside of a local high school to keep Planned Parenthood from having a permanent office inside the school. My daughters and I organized our community to write thousands of emails to keep Planned Parenthood out. We won in a very close school board vote. This received the attention of Vice President Pence and he invited us to a White House private meeting in January 2018 to discuss pro-life issues.

Carla D’Addesi, her daughters and VP Pence at the White House 

My family and I, in the hope of bringing more young girls to the pro-life community, have started a pro-life fashion line called COL1972. 1972 is the last year we enjoyed a culture of life in the United States. In 1973, America’s Supreme Court ruled that the tiniest people do not have the right to life.

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Since 1973, 60 million people have been denied the right to life. The mission of COL1972 is to share with our tweens, teens and youth that  #LifeIsBeautiful & #LifeIsAlwaysInStyle.  For more information go to www.COL1972.com.

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Carla D'Addesi
Carla D'Addesi
Carla D'Addesi is a contributing editor and Carla & Co. host for NRN. The founder of COL1972 is a wife, mom and author of several children’s books. D’Addesi is also a political commentator who is seen regularly on FOX/OANN/CBN and is also a Western Journal contributor. She continues her fight for America’s culture as a radio host with FOX affiliate WFYL 1180 A.M. out of Philadelphia. She, her three daughters and husband created COL1972 to give teens and tweens who believe that #LifeisAMAZING a place in today’s society. D’Addesi says: "COL1972 is the Chick-Fil-A of fashion. Guilt-free shopping. You feel spiritually and emotionally healthy purchasing and wearing our product. The D'Addesi family also launched COL1972 Foundation which gives back to organizations that celebrate LIFE. Ten percent of your purchase gives back.”