The Wall is Coming! The Tragic Border Crisis and Trump’s Wall

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Time to Take Back the Narrative

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We need to take back the narrative on a lot of issues. So, we’re gonna start here, right now. A lot of people are calling the wall ‘Trump’s Wall.’ I don’t think we should call it that anymore. I think that we should change the narrative and call it the ‘Democrats’ Dangerous Border,’ because that is exactly what it is. The Dems have a dangerous, dangerous border and what are we gonna do about it?

How are they going to protect my family, how are they gonna protect my daughter’s? How are they gonna protect future people who are OD-ing on the drugs that are coming into this country from Mexico? I want to know what the Democrats are gonna do about the dangerous border that they support. Let me tell you some of the myths were going to debunk from the Democrats.

The Democrats are calling the secure border something that is a medieval solution. Saying that we shouldn’t be doing this, that this is archaic and old. They’re saying that there really isn’t a crisis at the border. Well let me tell you something, walls do work, security does work. The congressional Democrats are claiming that walls won’t work because this is a medieval solution to a modern problem. I’d like to know if we shouldn’t be using wheels on our car anymore, do you have a better solution to that Democrats?

Border Crisis: Statistics Show, Walls Work

Data shows that anywhere that we have walls that we had a massive drop in illegal crossings – usually there’s actually ninety percent or more. San Diego in 1992 built a wall and apprehensions of illegals crossing the border dropped ninety-two percent over the past 23 years. El Paso built a wall in 1993, apprehensions of illegal aliens crossing the border dropped seventy-two percent in just one year and ninety-five percent over 22 years. Tuscan built a wall in 2000, apprehensions of illegal aliens crossing the border dropped ninety percent over 15 years. Yuma built a wall in 2005, apprehensions of illegal aliens crossing the border dropped ninety-five percent over nine years.

I’m gonna put this up on my social media, these facts that I have found for you – remember Carla & Company is real news for real women. I’m bringing you the facts. We don’t talk about feelings here like the Democrats do. We live in a factual, realistic world where the Democrats’ dangerous border is causing our young girls to be raped. It is causing our young children to get their hands on drugs. They’re overdosing, they’re addicted for life or worse they’re dying. President Trump last night talked about many violent acts with the MS-13. Remember the Democrats’ dangerous border. They support MS-13. They don’t support your children, they support violent gangs.

Again, I’m gonna throw up this information on my social media for you later today. You can see these stats and see that walls or a border indeed do work and the Democrats’ dangerous border does not work anywhere. They’re saying that this is an unreasonable request, that the president is making; that we the American people want funding for secure border.

America Wants the Wall

Let me tell you that every one of us that voted this man in, and remember I was at many of his rallies here in state of Pennsylvania and beyond, and million of us want a wall. What is that wall gonna look like? I don’t really care. It can be people with guns across our border. It can be drones along our border. I don’t care what it is. I do not want a Democratic dangerous border.

The Dems have a dangerous, dangerous border and what are we gonna do about it?

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Our walls are immoral? I don’t know Democrats is abortion immoral? Is pornography immoral? Walls are definitely not immoral Democrats! Nancy Pelosi is saying that a border wall is immoral that we shouldn’t have physical borders. So why does the Vatican have a border? Why does Israel have a border? I’d like you to call the Pope today Pelosi and tell the Vatican to tear down that wall! Tell the Pope to tear down his wall!

Don’t be a Hypocrite

Let’s talk about Democratic hypocrisy. I want you to think about this. Are you a hypocrite? I want you to seriously think about this in the new year. So the dems are for an open border policy, a dangerous border policy. I wonder if Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer locked their cars. I want you to think about that right now when you go to Walmart do you lock your car? Because if you do you’re a hypocrite. You shouldn’t be locking your car. Why do you lock it? What who are you keeping out of your car? Do you have a car alarm? Because that is really bad. Do you have an alarm on your car? You are such a bigot and a racist!

Do you park your car in the garage? That is really bad! You should not be parking your car in the garage, you should be parking your car in the driveway or even better in the street. Do not lock it, do not put the car alarm on and if you really want to stand with the Democrats and their dangerous policies. I think you should leave the keys in the car; because after all there is nothing for you to fear. There is no one that is going to bother anything in your car.

Do you lock your house? Because you should not be locking your house. Who are you trying to keep out of your house? You should not have a house alarm. Are you putting an alarm on every night before you go to sleep or when you leave for work in the morning? Are you putting your house alarm on? Because you’re a racist and a bigot if you are. That’s what Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer say anyway. Do you have a gate around your house like the Obamas do and like Pelosi does and like Chuck Schumer has? Hypocrites! They think that we should not be protected.

Democrats Want President Trump to Fail

I hope you see the picture that I’m painting. Pelosi, Schumer, the Obamas, and the Clintons they don’t only live in gated communities with alarm systems, they don’t only have bodyguards every time they go out of their houses, they don’t want you to have that protection, but now they’re telling us that our families should be denied the right to a secure border in our country.

They want to keep a dangerous open border. Not vet anybody walking across it, not have a clue who’s coming on into our country or what diseases they’re bringing in. The Democrats are ridiculously harmful and hateful regarding their open border dangerous policy. We can go on and talk about the fact that they were all for a secure border when Obama was in office, but now because we are winning so hard with Trump they just reject anything that he brings to the table.

Article transcribed from Carla D’Addesi on Carla & Co. Listen here:
Carla D'Addesi
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