The Wall: Democrats, Power Plays and Semantics

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A Wall, By Any Other Name

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Construction of a wall along the U.S. southern border was a recurring theme in then-candidate Trump’s 2016 campaign. To control the flow of illegal immigration into the U.S., most voters agreed that a physical barrier would be helpful to immigration-enforcement entities. “Build That Wall” became the standard rallying cry at Trump campaign events. It also became a battle cry for the Left, as their enthusiasm to halt it, grew in direct proportion to the other side’s determination to build it.

If Trump could just call it something other than a wall, Democrats might negotiate.

Democrat Pundit

In 2016, the idea was denounced by Democrats as ‘ineffective,’ ‘impractical,’ and even ‘racist.’  More recently, they’ve added ‘immoral’ and ‘medieval’ to their description of a wall or barrier. This, even though most Democrat leaders voted for similar barriers in 2006.

Amid all the hyperventilating and name-calling within the current shutdown/wall debate, one can see that this was never about a wall, or illegal immigration, or even taxpayer money. It’s about Donald Trump making a campaign promise, and Democrats determined to see his voters disillusioned and jumping ship – right into Democrat-controlled lifeboats.

The Game of Politics

Last Thursday on Fox News, a Democrat pundit remarked “if Trump could just call it something other than a wall, Democrats might negotiate.” There it is. The admission that we’re playing a game – one of power and semantics. It’s a reminder that in politics, things are never as they appear.

Democrats believe, that if Trump doesn’t build a 1900-mile, 30-ft wall, his voters will think he failed them. Nothing could be further from the truth. Though the pundits insist on describing his voters as uneducated rubes, most understand the practicalities involved, and don’t care how the goal is achieved – as long as it’s achieved. A secure border is the goal.

Call this means-to-security what you will. A barrier here, a fence there and a wall that goes to Point X. No one cares. And if it’s true, that Democrats can be persuaded to engage by calling it something other than a ‘wall,’ then by all means, Mr. President: Call it whatever you like. The grown-ups in the country will understand.

DeeDee Wiese
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