American Exceptionalism Interview: “Angel Mom” Karen Anderson

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“Karen, I will deny this, but you have no idea what’s going on in our country,’” the state labor investigator said to Karen Anderson, “Angel Mom.” This was Anderson’s introduction to the reality of trying to hold an illegal immigrant, and a small company that hired him, responsible for her son Mark’s death.

Killed in a construction accident, Mark had been in the construction business for years. A small company paid Mark and others $35 per hour doing highly skilled work. One day, the company’s owner decided to let half the workforce go. He replaced them with unskilled laborers, all of whom were illegal aliens, for far less money.

Illegals and I-bolts

Mark and the crew were building a medical complex. Soon, the owner/foreman realized they didn’t have the correct i-bolt to lift a wall into place. He sent one of the illegal aliens to the store, where the man purchased an i-bolt that could lift a maximum of 90 pounds. The wall weighed 2000 pounds. As the crew lifted the wall, it fell on Mark and killed him.

Karen Anderson thought that, after the investigation, someone would be held responsible. However, she quickly learned that the system doesn’t work that way. She had to face the reality that the system protects the business owner and illegal alien.

Police who arrived at the scene to investigate did no drug or alcohol testing. Even though the owner and foreman on the job was a known alcoholic with a mandated breathalyzer in his car. The illegal alien, whose statement they needed the most, could not write one. And he couldn’t even talk to police because he didn’t speak English. The police didn’t bother getting a translator.

ICE Drops the Ball

Anderson asked the state labor investigator, “Did you put in your report that the employee was an illegal alien?”  He said, “I can’t. That’s called profiling.” She contacted the local ICE office and asked if they could go after the business owner. ICE told her that unfortunately they didn’t have resources to go after small businesses, only large ones.

She explored every option and got nowhere. Anderson called the police station back and asked, “Can’t you charge the illegal alien with negligent homicide? His actions killed my son.” The policeman said, “It wasn’t the illegal alien who killed your son, it was the wall.”

Karen Anderson believes they just didn’t want the hassle because this occurred in a Sanctuary City. The illegal alien’s whereabouts are now unknown.

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Mark was about to become a new father when he died. Sadly, He’ll never see his child. “We go through the motions at Christmas, but it will never be the same,” Anderson said.

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