China Economist: We Stand at the Brink of a Crossroads

China Poses the Greatest Threat to America

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I am a China economist, trained at Shanghai Jiaotong University and School of Economics Shanghai University. Previously, I reported on the US-China trade war for a Chinese government think tank, but have left China because I was tired of censorship and because I wish to write my conscience. China poses the greatest threat to America and to the free world that we have ever seen.

The USSR never had the soft power or economic power which China yields. China’s infiltration into American politics, economics, media and academia is being aided by inside forces who are willing to ignore their human rights abuses, military expansion, and trade cheating in order to earn money for themselves or for fear of being blocked from accessing China’s 1.4 billion consumers.

During his campaign, Donald Trump once said something to the effect of, every dollar that we invest in China pays for a bullet that will kill an American soldier. While war between the two largest powers on Earth is not a foregone conclusion, that nation is the number-one candidate for war with the US. Consequently, it makes little sense to allow the Communist Party access to our capital markets, to invest in our critical assets, to control our farm land, food production, telecommunications or access to medical supplies and pharmaceuticals.

Coronavirus is a Smokescreen Hiding Increased Chinese Aggression

Recently, China has been using the coronavirus as a smoke screen, a distraction, while they increase their aggressive actions in South China Sea, threatening Vietnam and Taiwan. They are presently undergoing the largest naval build up in history, and it is being funded in part by American investors.

Every time you see Chinese ship squared off against an American ship or threatening Japanese territorial waters, keep in mind, “We paid for that.” In future, I will explain how US investors are funding the manufacture of ships for the People’s Liberation Army Navy, as well as funding the Chinese nuclear program.

As for my political stance, there is only one person who has ever stood up to China and if he is not reelected in 2020, they will win. We stand at the brink of a crossroads. Their power is growing. The US-China trade war and the coronavirus have them on their heels right now. If we push, we may be able to topple them. If any other administration is elected in, the push will stop. China will recover and there may never be another moment of weakness when the US and the free world could regain its independence.

Antonio Graceffo
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