Coronavirus: The Left’s Ministry of Truth

Democrat Doublespeak

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War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength.” Like the totalitarian regime in George Orwell’s 1984, Democrats are not only censoring and repressing free speech, but also creating a new vocabulary, changing the meanings of words. Those who reject the new vocabulary, or those who use the terms according to their old definitions, are declared enemies of the people. This started with Black Lives Matter. No sane American is claiming that black lives do not matter, but many individuals and businesses were bullied into making public statements in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, which has as a stated goal of dismantling of our society. Democrat politicians have actively supported the group, despite the fact that the founders are self-described Marxists.

Most recently, during her appointment hearing for the Supreme Court, Amy Coney Barrett came under fire for using the term “sexual preference,” which Democrats claimed was offensive. Joe Biden apparently used the term in May, with no similar accusations. Merriam-Webster’s dictionary changed its definition of ‘sexual preference’ in a single day, mere hours after the Barrett controversy was fabricated. Webster’s has now added a fifth definition of the word which is labeled as “offensive.”

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, Democrats have been pushing a narrative that the virus is deadly, it poses a major threat to the entire population and that masks, lockdowns, and school closures are necessary to stop the spread of the virus and to reduce the death toll. Solid scientific evidence exists, however, that only 10% of the deaths were in healthy people under the age of 65, while only about 100 victims were school age children. This suggests that the virus does not pose a threat to the entire population, nor does it seem to support closing schools. Additionally, a growing volume of scientific evidence exists, suggesting that masks and lockdowns neither reduce the spread of a virus nor reduce overall deaths, while some research concludes that these measures will increase the virus’s duration and the death toll.

In order to promote the belief that the pandemic is extremely deadly and that it is not finished – and that mail-in voting is a matter of life and death – the pro-pandemic side has invented a vocabulary, the use of which signals buy-in to the entire narrative of masks, lockdowns, school closings, and mail-in voting. And this, despite the CDC issuing guidelines for safe, in-person voting.

A Vocabulary of Fear

Superspreader event: an event, other than a BLM protest, which allegedly spreads the virus to many people. All summer, the media ran photos of packed beaches with condemnation of the “selfish” and “irresponsible” beachgoers who would ostensibly catch coronavirus, infect others, then die. Meanwhile, the trend of hospitalizations and deaths has been steadily downward since April. Trump rallies, attracting thousands and even tens-of-thousands of ardent supporters, have been labeled “superspreader events.” And yet there is no evidence of higher infection or death rates among Republicans. The president himself – a man in his seventies – tested positive, worked at his normal frenetic pace, while in the hospital, and returned to the White House and his campaign schedule within days.

Asymptomatic cases are billed as the most dangerous thing in the universe; actually what asymptomatic means is people who test positive but show no signs or symptoms of the disease, and it turns out that between 40% to 85% of them will never become ill at all, nor will they die.

Social distancing, along with lockdowns, is a euphemism for the dismantling of the American family, a goal which BLM stated on a section of their website, called What We Believe, until they recently took it down. It also ends religious freedom by preventing people from attending worship services, weddings, funerals, and other religious ceremonies, in keeping with a socialist agenda which hates religion. Luckily, Facebook has volunteered to protect us from ourselves by banning events which violate mask and social distancing orders.

Flatten the curve: flattening the curve occurs naturally during any flu epidemic as cases increase, peak, flatten, and decrease. Many previous pandemic viruses became part of the regular mix of seasonal flus which reoccur each year, alarming no one. This is part of the natural trajectory of a virus, which occurs irrespective of media coverage, masks, or lockdowns.

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Spike in cases: increased testing will cause increased positive tests, but if you see the information above, most of these people will never have any symptoms, very few will be hospitalized, and even fewer will die. The more we test, the more “positive” cases we will discover, while hospitalizations and deaths continue to reduce.

Spike in asymptomatic cases (ee above) – an increase in people who have no symptoms, most of whom will never have any symptoms, very few of whom will be hospitalized, and even fewer of whom will die.

Perfect vector – this scary term is applied to children and is used to justify closing schools, although only about 100 children under the age of 18, have died of coronavirus over the past 8 months, which is well below the average number of child deaths from seasonal flu. The National Institute of Public Health of the Netherlands issued a study which determined that children did not need to stay home; neither do they need to social distance at school. The Great Barrington Declaration, a medical report signed by thousands of doctors and health experts, says that, “Keeping students out of school is a grave injustice.”

The New-Normal

The “new-normal” is a euphemism meaning the lockdown and mask regulations that have disrupted our lives will become permanent. So, for the rest of your life you will stay six feet away from everyone you are not living with. You will wear a mask and follow very complicated instructions for grocery shopping. You will not be returning to the gym, attending concerts, sports or church and every time there is a “spike” (defined as an increase in positive tests) you will be told to stay home, alone, and you will obey. “Experts” also recommend that companies do daily checks on their employees or have the employees self-assess their health. And these measures should remain in place “until a vaccine is widely available, even if your location is open for business.”

Just so we do not go back to living our old, happy, normal lives prematurely, Bill Gates has explained when we can return to normal. “’In the very best case, two years from now, you would be, for some of the health things in particular, ideally back at where you were at the beginning of 2020,” Gates said in an interview with New York Magazine’s Intelligencer.” It is unclear why the billionaire has any say in when free people can have their rights back, but he went on to give this glimmer of hope: “If we’re lucky enough that several of these vaccines work…and if the vaccines can be mass-produced to ‘for the entire world,’ then there is hope.” It normally takes years to create a vaccine. The AIDS vaccine still has not been developed after twenty years of research. Does this mean we will wear masks, social distance, close schools, and endure lockdowns for twenty years? Of course, it does. This is the new normal.

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