Coronavirus, the Exaggerated Pandemic

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There is little evidence that lockdowns reduced the total number of Covid fatalities, but there is irrefutable evidence that lockdowns caused many deaths.

The End of the Pandemic

The new head of President Trump’s pandemic response team says the mortality rate and risk of contagion are much lower than previously thought.

The Insurrection USA

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The media, the pandemic, and riots are the tools that Democrats hope to use to remove President Trump from office “by any means possible."

The Marxist Insurgency

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The Marxists and Democrat Party setting up the nation for election fraud. A Biden win means shift toward Chinese domination of global trade.

Linked! Dems, Antifa, Biden, and China

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Democrats allow murder, looting and rioting to continue while they fail to criticize Antifa, undoing American values and society.

The Suppression of HCQ

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Medical research and support from established professionals suggest HCQ is an effective treatment for Covid-19 and provides promise.

Mail-in Ballots: A Huge Miss

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U.S. Election Assistance Commission estimates 2.7 million mail-in ballots misdelivered, 1.3 million rejected in the last four federal elections.

The Death of New York City

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New York may have seen its best days. Lockdowns, riots, and skyrocketing crime signal loss of businesses, residents, tax base and visitors.