The Marxist Insurgency

Democratic Socialists, BLM, YLF, and China

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In Chicago, one of the cities where the Democrat mayor has allowed rioting to run rampant, 6 of 50 aldermen are members of the Chicago City Council Socialist Caucus. Nearly 100 members of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) hold office in the US. Until recently, it would have been unthinkable that US elected officials could belong to an extreme-left political party that has its roots in the Socialist Party of America (SPA), and where members call each other comrade. And yet, there are about 25 DSA members serving in state legislatures and 50 serving as municipal officials across the country.

Even the United States Congress has been infiltrated by DSA members, Comrades Danny K. Davis, Rashida Tlaib, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who The Guardian described as the “avatars of an emboldened leftwing insurgency.” According to The Guardian, the interests of the DSA, the largest socialist organization in the United States today, are aligned with Antifa, both of whom link their attacks on what they call fascist groups with their attempts to dismantle capitalism. The DSA website states, “We believe that the terror unleashed on our comrades can be defeated. We also believe that the wider system of racist oppression can be defeated, but only with the ending of the capitalist system which birthed it.”

Black Lives Matter (BLM) co-founder Patrisse Cullors, a self-proclaimed Marxist, expressed her “appreciation for the work of the US Communist Party, ‘especially Black communists.'” The New York Post noted she also vocalized her support for the Black Panther Party and their “great works”, the American Indian Movement, the Young Lord, the Brown Berets, as well as the “great revolutionary rainbow experiments of the 1970s.”  And these are the political views Democrats were supporting when elected US officials knelt in a photo-op that went viral.

As noted by The Washington Times, by kneeling in support of attacks on police, erasure of history and the abolishment of institutions, Democrats open the door to Marxist totalitarian rule. By challenging in-person voting and voter ID, they are setting up the 2020 presidential election to be rife with fraud. Democrat Congressional representatives knelt for the Black Lives Matter movement, although the founders are admitted trained Marxist. They knelt while introducing legislation to defund the police. At the same time, the Democrat controlled cities Chicago, New York, Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle, and Baltimore suffered from ongoing riots, which, according to The Federalist, the mainstream media failed to sufficiently cover and which the Democrats did not address during the Democratic National Convention.

Democrats Support Riots

In Fairfax County, Virginia, a large, wealthy suburb of Washington DC, the local “Democratic Party praised the recent riots that inflicted major damage on cities such as Minneapolis and Washington, D.C.” The Democrats went on to say, “Riots are an integral part of the country’s march towards progress.” Democrat mayors have stood by and allowed looting and riots to happen while promising the defunding of the police. The Washington Post wrote other groups on the left have defended the riots, such as the ”United Working Families saying that “billionaires don’t need to smash windows to loot.”

As police are being defunded and told not to protect law-abiding citizens, gun sales are soaring and the nation faces an ammunition shortage. Not only has the 2020 Democratic platform declared “Total War on Second Amendment Rights,” taking away citizens’ ability to protect themselves, but now, there have been protests against private police forces. It seems the Democrats and leftists wish to leave the rest of the nation unprotected from the violence.

The Democrats have supported BLM protests and tolerated looting, while prohibiting any other sort of protest, on the grounds that protests would spread Covid-19. Newsweek expressed the opinion that this contradiction “Reveals [the] Political Nature of Coronavirus Lockdowns.” The Democrats are even calling for an end to protests against the lockdowns which scientists increasingly say were unnecessary and ineffective and which have left tens of millions unemployed, with many of those job losses made permanent.

As hundreds of thousands of American families face eviction, it is perplexing that the Democrat enforce bans on church, school, work, and Republican events, while riots and BLM protests are allowed. The state of Oregon is a typical example, where the city of Portland has been subjected to violence every night for months. Governor Kate Brown has stated that Covid-19 restrictions may be tightened, preventing people from going to restaurants or school, while she makes no mention of ending the riots.

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Growing Number of Socialist Groups

The Pacific Northwest Youth Liberation Fron is another socialist organization that uses social media to plan and give instructions regarding where, when, and how to protests. Since 2017, they have protested against “police, fascist groups, extraction industries and ICE,” PNW Youth Liberation Front published information leading to the attacks on the Multnomah County Justice Center, Portland, as well as the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) building. Only two arrests were made during an attack on the ICE building and the Epoch Times reports that “under a new policy from Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt, both will likely see their charges dropped.”

With so few arrests in the Democrat controlled city and no punishment from the Democrat district attorney, there is no deterrent and no reason for the riots to stop. One of the largest landowners in downtown Portland, Greg Goodman, sent an angry message to Democrat Mayor Ted Wheeler and his fellow City Council members urging them to take action against the “Lawlessness you are endorsing downtown.” Goodman noted that numerous downtown businesses had left as a direct result of the riots, including the Standard Insurance Company, one of the largest employers.

The situation faced by shop owners and law-abiding citizens under the current Democrat leadership is reminiscent of what happened in the US in the 1960’s. The New York Post reported that the Democrats are attempting to appease left-wing revolutionaries, but that the strategy will backfire. Richard Nixon’s surprise 1968 win came as a reaction to leftist movements, high crime, and democrats refusing to enforce the law.

Communist China Loves Joe Biden

Bob Avakian, chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party USA (RCPUSA) has endorsed the candidacy of Joe Biden, as have several Democrat former US ambassadors to China, including Gary Locke, Senator Jim Sasser, and Senator Max Baucus. It seems Joe Biden’s election would not only be good for the socialists, Marxists, and communists, but also for China.

Biden stated that he planned to remove tariffs on Chinese imports, but an aid later said that Biden had misspoken and would review tariffs once in office. This suggests one of two things, or both. He is considering removing the tariffs or he is not always certain of what he is saying or doing. Either way, this seems more hopeful for China than would four more years of Trump’s certain anti-China policies. President Trump told reporters “If I don’t win the election, China will own the United States. You’re going to have to learn to speak Chinese.”

The Chinese state media, Golden Times said “Biden [is] ‘smoother’ to deal with’”. The Global Times also reported that Chinese analysts expect Biden to restore the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement. They wrote, “As long as the US returns to multilateralism, the two greatest economies in the world could at least have more reasons to dialogue and cooperate.” Lü Xiang, a research fellow at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in Beijing, told Global Times “Biden could revive Barack Obama’s legacy. Negotiations on the TPP and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) could be restarted very soon if Biden takes office.”

China would enjoy a return to the Obama China-policy which was soft on criticism and big on free trade. The TPP is something else they would appreciate, as it would further erode the US manufacturing base, leaving the US dependent on global supply chains for materials critical to US defense and economic security. The PRC sees a Biden win as the first step in a restoration of relations. According to China’s Global Times, “[If] Biden wins and fixes the damage caused by Trump, China and the US could at least have more reasons to dialogue.”

Beijing’s view rests all of the blame for the trade war on Trump and does not address the very real issues of China trade cheating, IP theft, espionage, and military expansion that Trump is standing against. A Biden win would mean a shift toward socialism, Marxism, and communism with lawless street violence, and Chinese domination of global trade.

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