Trumptilla and MAGA Drag the Interstate #WeAreTheRally

Ways for Patriots to Organize, Strategize, and Mobilize

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Playing mere spectators to America’s ruin has never been in the silent majority’s game plan. Will groups on the left organize, mobilize, and strategize ways to weaken America, unimpeded? Not on our watch! When President Trump came into office, he allowed capitalism an unexpected opportunity to finally draw a breath, and it instinctively knew what to do next. Capitalism found it was no longer destined to self-defeat. Instead, it quickly rose all ships, upsetting many elites in the process. 

The President needs our help in spurring the silent among us to rise and be counted. We must disrupt the left’s disruption if we have any hope at winning definitively this November. That is where all of us come in. Here we have the goods on upcoming MAGA Drag the Interstate on Sept. 5th and Trumptilla boat parade led by Michelle Hirstius on Sept. 12th, and even appalling back-to-school scenarios. Watch the show below, stay informed, and get ready to be Hirstified.
Pat Brady
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