Out of Your Mask, Into a Vaccine

What’s in Your Portfolio?

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America, in 2020, is upside-down. There is a viral pandemic, born in and covered-up by China, set loose upon the world. Its existence has put nearly the entire world on some degree of lockdown status. Prolonged racial protests, followed by riots, have occurred on a nightly basis across America. Social distancing has become integral to every aspect of our lives.

Citizens, forced to wear facial coverings at work, doing some of the more fast-paced and rigorous jobs out there, may be angry about having to wear their masks all day, everyday. At this juncture, it surely must feel as though many would do just about anything to be free of them. If this is you, stop that thinking right now! That is the trap. They want you, and need you to be, at peak-tension. 

Hands in the Cookie Jar

What if there were more than just a handful of shady representatives in Congress that bought up interest in Facebook, Google, Qualcomm (5G), Slack Technologies, and Amazon, as did Nancy Pelosi back in early February? Nancy’s husband, Paul Pelosi, purchased a great number of the above stocks. Coincidentally, the very things Americans would be using more of when soon to be on lockdown. 

Those purchases were revealed behind closed-door briefings on the Coronavirus, information not yet known to the public. Has her portfolio ridden high while we have all hunkered low? Of course it has, Revealed in a story published by US News and World Report, that is par for her course. It now makes sense as to why her late father, while Mayor of Baltimore, trusted his little girl to maintain his private book of those who owed him favors, and those he owed. She’s just that good.

According to USA Today, Pfizer has partnered with BioNTech to produce their promising vaccine, BNT162b2, that could clear trial hurdles by October. If some Dems missed out on Pfizer, maybe they did nab McKessen Corp. shares. They are San Francisco-based and will distribute Coronavirus vaccines for the CDC, once one or more become FDA approved. This may be disputed as the Trump administration and the CDC butted heads over distribution roles. 

Let ’em Ride….in Lockdown.

Perhaps the campaign donations from Big Pharma could explain at least Pelosi’s loyal push-back on every non-vaccine idea the President proposes. Maybe. Donations to other Democrats might explain their support for vaccines. It might also shed light on why the full-court press for lockdowns by various governors seem to defy logic. Is the concept of avoiding herd immunity to last until enough people receive a vaccine, then credit the ending of lockdowns to the effectiveness of the vaccines rather than herd immunity? 

What Donald Trump has been doing, it seems, is to have us learn together about non-vaccine options. Perhaps that might make a pandemic difference, yet they attack him for it. Relentlessly, at every opportunity, they hammer away at his noncommittment to a vaccine-only path. It is no accident. Would they have the vaccines roll out as voluntary, but with a huge catch? We do not know yet.

Undue Hostility

President Trump was nearly run off stage over a calculated misinterpretation of his words, when the media misinterpreted that he had said we should drink bleach to cure the China flu. He was falsely accused again when discussing ultraviolet therapies, the 1-minute disinfecting aspect regarding how quickly the light could clean human blood. That is what he meant to convey that day, but the media continued with their own soundbite. There was not a single follow-up question once disinfectants and injections were mentioned in the same sentence.

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The President, himself, has taken hydroxychloroquine as a prophylactic. It has been used extensively for some 60 years. It is hoped to provide an early shield, and does drastically decrease both the symptoms, and duration of the virus, once infected. In this case, a failing life was saved using HCQ as the last resort. It surely seems that by trying every conceivable way to bring America back, he is stepping on toes. Maybe it is because HCQ costs about 60 cents a pill. Compare that to Gillead’s therapeutic, Remdezavir, that reportedly costs $10 a pop. It is said they could fairly charge $4,500 a treatment. 

President Trump has supported vaccine developments no less vigorously since this outbreak began. Operation Warp-Speed has been highly successful in terms of the speed in which they are producing promising candidates. President Trump is putting his efforts into both fronts, equally. It is a race to the finish line. He is trying everything. That is what a leader does.

Do these elites in power hold so much interest in a vaccine outcome, or their favored therapeutics, that they just cannot allow other options? Nancy is no stranger to Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson stocks over the years, and they are both in the game, in their own ways. Many in Congress are purported to hold investments in producers of the leading vaccine contenders. If certain leaders’ portfolios are now fatefully tied to upcoming vaccines and therapeutics, we should want to know about that now rather than waiting for next year’s tax filings to be made public. Learn now, not after a vaccine has been administered. 

Herd Immunity 

Doctors have received pushback by some of their peers who favor COVID-19 vaccines, pertaining to their findings regarding T-cell (herd immunity), as it relates to the virus. T-cells travel through the body finding damaged cells and destroyIng them. According to their research, as reported by Nature.com, they reference a T-cell cross-immunity found between common cold coronaviruses and SARS-CoV-2. Additionally, T-cells are memory cells like B-cells, and have been found in patients 17 years after a SARS infection. The doctors concluded that, while a Coronavirus vaccine may only prove helpful, a natural immunity may hold real staying power.

Americans deserve to find out if there exist paths back to normalcy, that fall short of a voluntary vaccine-for-all. Voluntary, in that you can refuse one, but you may not be allowed to go to certain places in public without proof of being vaccinated. What would stop them from, later, deeming it more efficient to have a COVID-19 implant chip that can be easily scanned, rather than burdening every citizen to have to carry around their proof of vaccination?

An orchestrated frustration campaign may be afoot, much the same way major cities seemingly try to frustrate drivers out of their vehicles, and onto their mass transit systems. Do not allow self-interested leaders to frustrate you out of your masks and into their vaccines. The very thought of a ‘Warp-Speed’ vaccine, coming soon, to a vein near you, should sound an alarm. A year ago, it would have.

There Would Be No Excuses Left!

It would be devastating to the country if mask mandates and lockdowns would merely help to dim out clear signs of herd immunity long enough to coincide with vaccine rollouts. If businesses were to discover they were made to suffer the full scope of crippling lockdowns, and not for safety reasons, then such a ruse would be unforgivable. To come to the realization that Bill Gates was born to play the money-man in such a scheme…

Let us hope Operation Warp Speed does not end up being so fast that it back-fires by arriving before the elections. Pray it won’t end up being the all-time ‘October surprise’ for the Democrat Party. Imagine the elites benefiting wildly from the very vaccine that worries Trump’s base. Make no mistake about it, many thousands of people will likely refuse to take any China-virus vaccine. Period. 

Add to the equation the fact that Dr. Fauci now hints he can foresee us wearing masks for another year if we do not have vaccines and good therapeutics by then. It seems peculiar to forecast out so much gloom just prior to the arrival of controversial vaccines and looming elections. According to The Hill, Dr. Fauci said they needed to lie about the effectiveness of wearing masks at the start of the pandemic because they were afraid people would rush out and buy up all existing masks, leaving first responders short-handed.

So, is Dr. Fauci all of a sudden credible again, calling for people to recycle their own air all day long for another sixteen months without a vaccine? This could lead an increased anxiety, not to mention potential dangers of prolonged mask wearing, as reported by Elisheva Rosner, MSN, on ClinMed. Do they hope Americans will get so aggravated about wearing masks and social distancing that they will consider a vaccine as the lesser of two evils? 

If Only

For all one knows, had wide-spread riots not broken out everywhere, these strict lockdown measures and social distancing routines would have been enough for our leaders to ensure we never reached a natural immunity in time to beat their vaccines to market. But that is no longer the case. Science and Mother Nature are already onto them.

I would suggest that if you are one who wears a mask for 8 hours a day, running, sweating, and giving it your all, keep doing it! Never give them what they want, even if it means going home and crying into your pillows at night. Do not allow these elected leaders who, speculatively, may be invested to the rafters in this vaccine race, persuade you to get their way. It should become obvious here, soon enough, that a COVID-19 vaccine need never be necessary. Trust in that, if only because that is exactly the opposite of what Nancy’s portfolio might say to do. 

Until such a day arrives when all is told, let us all borrow from Capital One, and ask our elected leaders, right now: 

“What’s in your portfolio?”

Pat Brady
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