NRN+ Reader’s Club Book Review: Fear Unmasked

Unmasking the “Great Fear” of Covid-19

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With a sharpened funny bone, the NRN+ Reader’s Club featured author for August, Clay Clark, paints a picture so crisp for the audience that if you listen close enough, you can almost hear Jim Gaffigan handing him new brushes after each paragraph. Clark’s new book “Fear Unmasked” sets an idyllic tone when contrasted to the equally ironic events that surround us today. 

Through Covid-19, players on the world-stage manipulated us toward a global reset with little concern over elephant-sized bread crumbs they left behind. It may figure crumbs the size of China owning the Remdesivir therapeutic patents would be pretty hard to try and conceal, so why bother right?

Clark’s urge to shut off our social media is antithetical to somebody actually trying to sell books, and that is precisely why you should scoot closer, not further away, as he spells out his concerns. 

Being more wired for the negative than we realize, Clay Clark exposes the “fear as fuel” motives that big tech has in mind for us. The big tech giants want the general public to log on to Facebook and Twitter every day, all day, and buy into the fear they’re “selling” us. Negativity allows social media to cultivate our fears and twist us up inside, just enough to serve as a malleable mass. “Fear Unmasked” will walk you back from the ledge, then weigh you down with the facts. If you still choose to jump after that, then at least hat-tip Darwin on your way down.

In his Reader’s Club interview with Michelle Hirstius, host of the NRN show Get Hirstified!, Clark checks his ego at the door of facts and pulls from mid-air exactly where to go to read for yourself on any of his Covid-hoax assertions. The roles Bill Gates and the Clinton Foundation play in the aforementioned pharmaceutical, Remdesivir, rolls off his tongue and right into your memory bank. Hirstius is able to get Clark to part with gems like how many doctors, who have opposed Dr. Fauci, just this year, are now pushing up daisies. Also, his utter deflowering of Amazon suggests he will not be signing up for many drone deliveries any time soon. 

Motivated through faith in Christ, Clay is unapologetic in his mission to inform. There are moving parts to the moving parts of our country now. With tensions high, and big pharma’s aspirations set even higher, the time is now to say what needs said. If it were a choice between selling one book, that would be read over time, or reaching one individual who will tell somebody tomorrow what they learned, he would likely choose the latter. 

After the Live Interview: NRN+ Members-Only Q&A with Clay Clark

Following his conversation with Michelle Hirstius, NRN+ subscribers were invited to chat with her and Clark within the Zoom call. When asked if George Sorros owns interests in Gilead Sciences.

Another question put to him was if he thought it were possible that these same leaders, who are growing their wealth with each continued day of lockdowns. In addition, these same lockdowns prevent us from herd immunity. Not only did Clay continue that train of thought, but directed anyone to go to and watch to learn more. He goes on to layout Bill Gates’ scheme to get nano technology into our bodies, eventually linking us up to the cloud. Gates is unmoved by global sickness, and solely motivated by the opportunities such sicknesses can provide; this should shock no one. What does scream attention, is that the actual nano technology slated to accompany vaccines into our bodies is called: Luciferase. And, by the way, Bill Gates’s patent number for Microsoft’s crypto mining system is WO2020 060606.

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Lastly, Clay Clark was asked if it were possible that a Justice Party will be formed, likely consisting of the Bernie Sanders-wing and the Squad, that will devour the Democrat Party in 2021. Could a new Justice Party emerge, forcing all other Democrats in Congress to either switch over, or lose every election from now on; thus, framing all future elections as Republicans vs. Justice? While admitting it made a sort of sense, he did point out with how dramatically things are changing right before our eyes, and how odd just his schedule has become lately, that basically nothing is silly anymore.
We were more than pleased to highlight Fear Unmasked for the August edition of the NRN+ Reader’s Club. Great job to all involved. To authors who are willing to expand on their points, and interact live with our hosts and NRN+ subscribers, is a table set to feast; and Americans today are hungry!

Pat Brady
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