Trump and Bolsonaro: The Media Cartel’s Onslaught

The Link Between the Conservative American and Brazilian Presidents

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During the last six years, we have seen conservatism reach levels never before imagined. Two men have changed people’s lifestyles and have transformed their countries. In 2016, Donald Trump won the US presidential election, an election where everyone, and especially the media, were sure that a Hillary Clinton triumph was a given. In 2018, against all odds, including an assassination attempt, Jair Bolsonaro defeated all his enemies, most notably the media. He won the Brazilian presidential election with the least expensive electoral campaign in the history of the country.

Before being elected, they both faced a media that created and pushed stereotypes of the two candidates. The candidates dared to raise the flag of conservatism and go against an establishment that has, for decades, hidden itself in the shadows, controlling the countries using economic, cultural and state powers to achieve its goals. In order to understand the current environment of media persecution against conservatives and these two men, we must first look back a few years and perform an analysis of the cultural hegemony established by the left since the 1980s.

In Brazil during the 1980s the left, dominated mainly by the Worker’s Party, studied and emulated the philosopher and politician Antonio Gramsci. They read and applied his principles to succeed in appropriating the cultural predomininance in Brazil. By taking into consideration the manner in which Gramsci’s text The New Age and Cultural Revolution has influenced the masses, we will be able to understand how it is that the left (or progressives) took control, nearly leading Brazil to its destruction.

Hegemony Through Cultural Change

Unlike Lenin who implemented Communism by the use of force, Gramsci used the power of thought during his years in exile. Mussolini himself knew that Gramsci was more valuable in prison. That was to lead to a complete cultural control of the greatest country in Latin America, something that neither could have imagined. Lenin tried to gain complete control through the use of force, yet, that did not work as planned. Instead, Gramsci reversed the formulas explaining that the culture had to be first implemented.

In order to achieve the cultural hegemony, that is the psychological dominion over the crowds, progressivism has been established in universities, the media, schools, magazines and newspapers, shaping people’s minds little by little. Day after day, year after year, the change was finally placed on the flag of the politically correct in Brazil in the 1990s. The Leninist revolution used force to establish a hegemony. Gramiscianism uses culture and persuasion to gain power. We can now see whose method ultimately succeeded.

Do you, the reader, wonder how what happened in Brazil in the 1980s has to do with the US in 2020? It has everything to do with it because this is what has happened in the United States. Take, as an example, the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement that is causing chaos and death, using the death of George Floyd as a starting point. This destruction is serving to hinder and influence the American elections in a remarkably short period of time. Even if Donald Trump wins the election (in spite of the practically admitted attempt by the Democrats to manipulate vote-by-mail), the BLM agenda will not end there.

The Infiltration of Progressivism

It will still continue to install itself into the country’s culture even more. There is continuing bloodshed in the black communities. Pedophilia is becoming more commonplace and entering mainstream media, as seen in the Netflix movie “Cuties” in which sensualizing children is promoted as acceptable. The intent is to, little by little, change the popular viewpoint and override common sense, causing destruction on the underlying invisible levels of consciousness, a metastasis. Gramsci’s methods are at play around the world, including North America. We see the importance of Trump and Bolsonaro fighting against Huawei’s 5G as China seeks to gain power under the guise of protection, seeking retribution and punishment for those who speak ill of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Brazil was taken over by the cultural war. The military dictatorship of 1964 merely saved Brazil from an armed struggle but, nevertheless, helped the progressives install their cultural revolution. Just as Gramsci taught them. Professor Olavo de Carvalho saw this in retrospect and spent the 1990s warning the military, but to no avail. Meanwhile, Progressivism took over the culture, schools and newspapers. When the Brazilian population was finally trained, it was then easy for ex-President Luis Inacio Lula da Silva, together with Fidel Castro, to create the Foro de Sao Paulo, using the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), settling in with another now ex-President of the Republic, Fernando Henrique Cardoso. A fully trained Gramscist, Cardoso implemented those ideals and changed the course of the nation, almost destroying it.

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In 2018, Bolsonaro, a man of integrity, showed Brazil that it could still breathe and become a nation once more. Using a foundation of Conservatism and courage, he won the election. Although he won, a very well thought out coup by the Worker’s Party, along with the Supreme Court, had control until October 28, 2018, when Bolsonaro won and began the change and a new beginning for Brazil stolen from the Brazilian people in the 1980s. So, where does the media come in?

The Revolutionary Mentality and the Fourth Estate

Known as the Fourth Estate (or Fourth Power), the media lie and defame Bolsonaro, President Trump and their followers as if they were the greatest evil in the world. They do this out of fear of losing their hegemony and, of course, the money and wealth they have accumulated over the years. Barack Obama, the worst president of the United States, was very well understood by the people of Brazil who know what really happened during his administration, his involvement with George Soros, the Clinton family and the progressive ideology.

In this article, I only touched on what the revolutionary mentality has caused in the two countries since the 1980s. In the subsequent articles in this series, I will dig deeper and demonstate how the media has become a worldwide cartel, one in which they persecute Christians, Jews and Conservatives around the world. So, we need to use every ounce of strength within us to get four more years of Trump and Bolsonaro because that is the only hope for the two countries. I hope mainly for a Trump victory because, as he said, “If Sleepy Joe wins, China will win!” and that can bring about a predominance of a worldwide revolutionary culture and the destruction of the western world.

Augusto Oliveira
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