The Brazilian Supreme Court vs. the Brazilians

Judicial Activism Infects the Court

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Day after day, the Brazilian Supreme Court (STF) continues with its judicial activism. Every decision they make is an act against the Brazilian nation. There are eleven Supreme Court Ministers who think they represent the 212 million Brazilians. After the election in 2018 of the current President Jair Bolsonaro, the court seems to insist on fighting against the interests of the Brazilian people and against the elected president who won by a majority of the vote.

With almost 58 million votes, Bolsonaro managed to win an electoral race unlike any other seen in Brazil. However, the country’s Supreme Court that has the responsability to protect the country’s Constitution instead does everything contrary to that Constitution. The division of powers in the Republic are the Executive, Legislative and Judiciary. These three forces are intended to create a balance of power. However, this is only on paper because, after the Progressives took control of Brazil in the 1990s, the current ministers adhere to progressivism, the result of the hegemonic control of the left.

Every Supreme Court Minister can only act at the indication of the president of the republic. Since the 1990s, we see that the presidents began to install the last barrier against leftist politicians or those active in the progressive movement. When the left took control of Brazil using Antonio Gramsci’s strategies (as outlined in the book by writer and philosopher Olavo de Carvalho), the new era and cultural revolution was ushered in. This they did after having studied and implemented the writings of Gramsci in order to change the Brazilian culture. They infiltrated the universities, newspapers, soap operas, magazines and every artistic medium in the country.

There was one last safegaurd in case everything went wrong, changing the constitution and installing in the Supreme Court judges who put the interests of Progressivism above the interests of the Brazilian people and now going against the first conservative president in the history of the Republic. The first to choose those who would fill the vacancies in the Supreme Court was then President Jose Sarney.

He selected Minister Celso de Mello, who took his seat on the court on August 17, 1989. The ex-President Sarney was, of course, from the party on the left. The selection of leftist ministers continued when ex-President Fernando Collor appointed the current Minister Marco Aurelio, who began in June, 1990. This was followed by the selection of Gilmar Mendes by then-President Fernando Henrique Cardoso.

The Supreme Court and The Worker’s Party

During the era of the Worker’s Party, former presidents Luis Inacio Lula da Silva and Dilma Rouseff appointed seven ministers during their terms. The last minister to be elected as part of the current team of Supreme Court ministers by former President Michel Temer is Minister Alexandre de Moraes, who belongs to the same leftist party. All current ministers were appointed by leftist presidents and hold progressive views. Minister Dias Toffoli was an attorney for the Worker’s Party and, thus, we can begin to understand how the Supreme Court decisions work against the Brazilian people.

Most Brazilians are Conservatives. Recent steps taken by the Supreme Court  extended the legalization of abortions. The Brazilian people were horrified by a recent case in which a 10 year old girl had an abortion after being raped by her uncle. The baby, after five months of gestation, could have been saved but, rather, they chose to abort it. 

Everything the Supreme Court could possibly do to take action against conservatives is being done. From the persecution of conservative websites and channels to invading and taking materials from conservative channels, giving them a 10 day sentence in prison. Minister Alexandre de Moraes gave the order. He prevented the defendants and their attorneys from access to documents related to the case. Curiously, Minister Moraes was both prosecutor and defendant in the same case where an investigation was ongoing into accusations against the ministers on Twitter. 

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Their Devious Plans Work Against Them

In another incident, a meeting of ministers was shown to the public at the request of a minister, resulting in the resignation of Education Minister Abraham Weintraub who was, consequently, appointed as an Executive Director of the World Bank. The minister of the Supreme Court thought to defame President Jair Bolsonaro. Instead, it only served to demonstrate to the Brazilian people how upright the man is that was democratically elected in 2018. 

If we were to put the atrocities of the eleven current Supreme Court ministers here, it would fill an endless series of articles. The members of the Court act in the shadows, where they meet from time-to-time with one-time Minister Alexandre de Moraes, away from Brasilia where they are expected to conduct business. The Brasilian people hope to see a change of values in November when Celso de Mello retires. A change of values is needed as the Supreme Court Ministers have gone beyond the limitations of their duties and have taken both executive and legislative matters into their own hands by pursuing cases against conservatives.

Augusto Oliveira
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