Analysis of a Cultural Revolution

A Look Inside Brazil and the Takeover by the Left

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The most important thing in a cultural revolution, without a doubt, is education. When we talk about education, it is not about going to school to sit in a chair for hours, staring at the teacher. No, education is directly related to reading knowledge, gained by studying literature. Destroying a country’s literature is the best and most effective way to control a population’s mentality and make it less and less informed. The tactics of Antônio Gramsci, as shown in the book The New Age and the Cultural Revolution by Olavo de Carvalho, demonstrates the way in which progressivism implemented a cultural hegemony in Brazil by hiding and preventing the publication of literary material, mainly by conservative writers and philosophers.

In doing so, by preventing conservatism from expanding its base, it was easy for progressivism to take control of the universities, schools, newspapers and every cultural medium in the country. The military government established in Brazil in 1964 (while the plan to prevent the armed war against communism was in place) was oblivious to and didn’t give a damn about the “apparently peaceful companies”. Gramsci’s idea was successful in the midst of the military government. The left ruled in the newsrooms, marginalizing right-wing journalists like Gustavo Corção, until they excluded everyone from the newspaper columns. The left controlled the following generations in the theater, in the cinema, and on TV.

TV was used as the main way to change and rewrite the popular imagination. Authors of books not approved by progressivism disappeared from school libraries and bookstores. The comfortable hospitality with which, in the military’s time, notorious leftists were accepted in the highest ranks of journalism, education and show business, contrasts in such a way with the radical exclusion of right-wingers. We will look at the seriousness of the situation from six different aspects.

Intellectual Demand Drops

1. The level of “intellectual” demand dropped and anyone, regardless of their education and IQ level, was placed in an important position. They, then, would only act in the expansion of left-wing ideological propaganda. For this reason, the performance of samba dancers, rockers, and advertising that resulted in the change was born of the lack of culture.

2. The term “culture” itself lost all its quality and pedagogy, being reduced to a neutral use of the word. Culture is everything that God did not do. Each country has its culture, and even within a country, you have differences in customs depending on the region. But all of this has a direct relationship to literature and an in-depth study of how things work in the world. For example, you may learn a different language and can have a broad view of how things work in society but, at a given time, as culture changes, semantics change the meaning of words.

3. More generally, all differentiation between the best and the worst, the highest and the lowest, ended up being condemned as discriminatory and even racist. Thousands of books and university theses were produced to enshrine the foundation of Brazilian culture, but now, no conservative has been able to produce anything during all these years of cultural predominance. That is, even more so after the establishment of the politically correct. One has to control everything spoken so as not to offend anyone. Certain speech can be frowned upon by society, causing malaise and even discrimination and harassment at home, at work and nowadays, on social networks.

Relativism and the Loss of Absolutes

4. In order to worsen the mental confusion, the principles of relativism were introduced, a state in which there is no longer absolute truth and everything is relative. Except that relativism is not relative. As a result, the left was able to destroy logical reasoning. The result was a crop of young people who speak only nonsense and think they can transform the world and are better than everyone. In turn, this caused a lack of respect of their families, teachers and authorities. When you take God out of the equation, a system that was established during the French cultural revolution, and in the German Enlightenment, and adding to it the fact that everything is now relative, then one will conclude there is no absolute truth.

Revolutionary thinking can cause serious thought changes, even more so in young people, because most young people have a tendency to revolution and world change. We can see example of this in activist Greta Thumberg, and the BLM uprisings in the United States, where young people disrespect their family members and police officers, all inculcated from from a young age in schools, by the teachers themselves and worsened by a lack of literature and a genuine study of facts..

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5. Once a society had become distinct, it was easy to disseminate the values ​​that made Brazil or, for example, the United States, a nation, throughout society. By creating the state of violence, terror and animus that we see today, which the Left itself takes advantage of, creates an atmosphere that allows us to exchange ideas as to what is right and wrong.

6. The current political environment that is conducive to lowering the intelligence and the capacity of discernment of a population to this level will not hesitate to destroy the entire country in order to gain more power and carry out the plans conceived in semi-secret meetings such as do revolutionary movements and criminal organizations around the world. Using the example of the Brazilian left, the whole lot of them is nothing more than a band of ambitious, amoral liars who are absolutely unable to answer for their actions before the court of a conscience that they do not have.

Why Conservatives Need to Keep Fighting

For this reason, the element most needed to stand against a cultural revolution and a method of counterattack is to do the opposite, studying truth and facts patiently, willingly and employing those with not only literary knowledge, but of a much greater knowledge of life. It is only through study that we can change the current situation, whether in Brazil or in the United States or anywhere else in the world.

We must study to write articles, to write books, and to make videos on social networks. We must talk with friends and families, and show the danger of being inert. They might just begin to wonder if their own life, selfishness and lack of studies led Brazil and the world to its current situation. The revolutionary mentality has changed and adapted to cultural control through knowledge, and we must not make the same mistake.

The past serves to teach us to not repeat it. Otherwise, our children and grandchildren will suffer consequences worse than what we saw and suffered. The left has not only destroyed semantics in its name but progressivism will continue to progress unless the conservatives do their part. It is, unfortunately, a war on two fronts: the cultural and, of course, the spiritual, where the left is also working. Perhaps even more so than in the cultural one.

Augusto Oliveira
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