BREAKING NEWS: CoronaVirus Twitter Blockade Coming

Will Categorize CoronaVirus Tweets Based on “Accuracy Levels”

As the term “technocracy” is being thrown around, we are seeing Big Tech continue to flex their muscles to try and enter the political stage as gatekeepers of information along with legacy media. In a recent announcement, Twitter decided it will create a CoronaVirus Twitter blockade. To accomplish this, Twitter will categorize and label tweets from world leaders regarding information about the CoronaVirus.  

On top of separating CoronaVirus related tweets into three different categories, the engineers at Twitter will also be tasked with labeling these tweets from “moderate” to “severe” in terms of how “misleading” the tweets are. There are accusations this is targeting President Donald Trump, who actively Tweets about CoronaVirus efforts and data. However, according to Twitter, no world leader is allegedly exempt from such throttling if such actions are needed.

Amidst such crackdowns, it also appears that the stock prices of these companies such as Facebook and YouTube are also experiencing a loss as they tighten their grip on information. You can read the full report here.