Team Infighting

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Betrayal.  Seems like a word nobody uses nowadays.  In fact it seems like a word that lost all meaning and sounds somewhat archaic.  “You’ve been betrayed!” has that medieval feel to it in a way that gives you that ancient feel. Yet, it appears that the Democrats are having a really hard time holding onto their allies as they continue to allow the riots, denounce the violence, and actually stand for the people they have been elected to represent.  It shows an unbelievable lack of self-awareness and makes it quite clear that you are in this for yourself and your hubris suffering self.  But what happens when the lack of self-awareness affects the very people who should be your buddies ends up having to break up the relationship.  It appears that the Democrats are facing some internal strife as ultra liberal Democrat stronghold Minnesota is apparently seeing an identity crisis.

The Iron Range

The name of this place sounds so Game of Thrones, it’s awesome!  It is in fact a real area and has a real history.  This area of Minnesota is known for its rich deposits of iron ore that were the spots for many manufacturing and ore refining plants situated in various areas of these iron deposits.  The area of iron extends in to Canada but Minnesota takes the majority of it and have used it and it has turned over many blue collar hard working jobs to till the land and extract and refine the iron.  Being that it’s Minnesota, there is a strong Scandanavian presence but also a diversity with Eastern European roots such as Slovenian and Croatian immigrants who brought over their rich food traditions known simply as “potica”.  Another thing to note is that these are Minnesotans working factory blue collar jobs and these jobs have unions and unions tend to run Blue, unfortunately since they get kickbacks.  One would think with such a strong union presence, Minnesota would continue to remain blue.

Purple Rain

Irony that we mention “Purple Rain” and the former Artist Formerly Known as Prince was also a resident of Minnesota.  But why the color purple?  Purple is a mixture of red and blue.  Where are we getting this notion that there will be red that will be mixed in the blue turning Minnesota from a blue stronghold super majority to having an internal schizophrenic identity crisis?  We get it from what disjointed and completely elitist stupidity of the Democrats.  If you thought Don Lemon or Rick Wilson’s elitism was bad enough, the very lack of response from the elites is very telling and Minnesota is the gauge for that.  It seems that Democrat mayors from six cities located with the Iron Range are endorsing and will put in their support for Donald Trump for the 2020 election.  Why?  The Democrats who were (and perhaps still are, allegedly) the party of the KKK, Jim Crow, segregation, and racism have now become the party of riots, racism, and ridiculous politics.  Chris Swanson of Two Harbors, John Champa of Chisholm, Larry Cuffe of Virginia, Chuck Novak of Ely, Robert Vlaisavljevich of Eveleth, and Andrea Zupancich of Babbitt are all the aforementioned mayors who have all been voting along party lines have finally heard the voice of their people.  People need work and the Democrats have continued to ignore the hard working people of Minnesota which just happens to be a swing state.  Democrat policies have ejected jobs out abroad and nothing was invested back into Minnesota and so these mayors, especially with all that’s happened, believe it is the Democratic party who left these mayors.  It seems like this is the sentiment for many disillusioned Democrats who’s very party leaders have dropped their desire to help the working man in favor of race wars, illegal immigrants, and socialism.  In a letter of endorsement to President Trump, these mayors have expressed that they vote party lines, but as Trump’s track record of trying to help the citizenry has trickled down to the blue collar workers as well as bringing jobs back to the States was well noticed by these mayors.  Such a track record could not afford these mayors the means to ignore these efforts by the President, hence this letter of endorsement.  It was signed by all mentioned in this article!  All lifelong Democrats have stayed true to be for the working class and its improvement and these mayors believe that the Democrats are the ones were told were the good guys who care about the people.  The Democrats are definitely imploding and we can see it and if Minnesota is the litmus test for failed policies and poisonous politics, we can only hope for the landslide for Trump in 2020.  So the call then, is to go out and do your part and vote!

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