RNC Day 4 Recap: Land of Greatness

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In any symphonic movement, there are ebbs and flows all coming to a head and when the final note hits, that’s the moment you feel that swell in your heart as the music comes to a climactic close and you can’t help but applaud and give a standing ovation. We previously have stated that there is a stark contrast between the DNC and the RNC. The DNC is a Dear John letter. The RNC is a love letter to America, broken history and current acheivements all rolled into a cresendo of epic proportions that swells the spirit of America in anyone who paid attention with our President delivering that final movement in the peice. The last night of the convention was that, the climax that delivered that last note we all needed in this symphony of hope and exceptionalism.

The First Movement

America is a land of faith rooted in Judeo-Christian values and none expressed that more clearly when Franklin Graham, son of the late great Evangelical icon himself, Billy Graham kicked off the convention with a prayer. The prayer itself asked God to protect the Trumps, the Pences, and to cover this night in safety, hope, and a drawing back to the God that spurred these values. This set the tone of the night as it was a night of incredible faith since it was a man of faith that kicked it off. From there we get individuals such as the first keynote speaker Ja’Ron Smith, who is the Deputy Assistant to the President. This man spoke on the necessity of hard work, the importance of understanding values, and ultimately the need to ensure that the marriage of both play a critical role in the development of a person. And since we live in a day and age where we are always so pushed to focus on skin color, Smith is black. He went from nothing to something and by nothing, it was pockets full of lint and buttons to Trump’s Deputy Assistant. You can’t say the American dream doesn’t work because Ja’Ron Smith is the living embodiment of it! This first movement continues with Representative Jeff Van Drew who you may remember was the Democrat politician that saw the impeachment scandal and switched to the Republican party because, integrity matters and Van Drew saw through the sham and could not in good conscience walk with his former teammates in this. UFC President Dana White also spoke about how it was the Trump Administration that created opportunities and how the Democrats demolished them and contrasted the two and made it clear who we need to vote for come Novemeber.

The Second Movement: Riot Remembrance

Much of the next portion of this symphony of love for the American people was highlighting what the Democrats have not done for the American people. The highlight moments during this portion was Ann Dorn, the widow of David Dorn who was murdered for defending a friend’s shop which was being looted. Each person who spoke from former NYC Mayor Rudy Guliani who once again noted the inactivity that harmed Americans which was the basic Democratic response during these times. Yet while the riots occurred, Democrats backed the war cry of “Defund the Police!” and yet it was the Trump administration that backed the police as highlighted by NYC Benevolence Association President Patrick Lynch. Unity and compassion and love was the undergirded thread of this movement as the loss of loved ones like what Ann Dorn suffered from is the end game for the Democrats who simply did not care enough to even contact her, yet President Trump did. This idea expanded internationally as another keynote speech delivery was done by Carl and Marsha Mueller who spoke about how it was the Obama administration and by proxy, Biden who did nothing to help them find their daughter. It was the Trump administration that brought an end to Islamic terrorism and crippled the means of terrorism who was the direct result of Kayla’s alleged death.

The Third Movement: Echos of Freedom

If the story of the Muellers tugged at your heart strings to where you felt tears for their loss and anger due to what the former administration did not do, it will be the story of Alice Marie Johnson. She was pardoned by Trump when not even Obama went there. Her freedom story at the hands of Trump, which, remember, the Left loves to label him a “racist” and yet again, apart from everything he has done for the black community, even one commuted sentence for Johnson was enough for her to become an avid Trump supporter. Her story was the start to this movement as freedom was the call and Trump’s administration showed it both on the homefront with the First Step Act to the decimation of Islamic terrorism internationally. At the same time, Trump’s first term saw us with no new wars and the pulling of our troops back home. The echos of freedom was not just with conflict on the ground but highlights also the conflicts internationally from a trade standpoint and his daughter Ivanka was the one who highlighted what he has done for business, for women, and for trade internationally setting America free from international chains.

The Fourth Movement: Culimination

It is quite clear that the fourth and final movement of the this night was the President himself. Trump did not pull punches. He threw everything he had into this yet delivered it with pose, precision, passion, humor, levity, severity, and indeed a plea to the American people. Highlights of his speech included the weakness of Joe Biden, the failure of the Democrat Party’s response to the virus, the riots, and the lack of any real depth of character during all of this. Trump ensured us the people that any vote for Joe Biden is a vote for the death of America which is what the Left wants and Trump made it quite clear that “Death to America” is what the Left wants and Biden will give it to them. Trump stated that Biden will be everything the Left wants of America, a speech code driven, burning wasteland of unprotected citizens cowering in fear for their very lives as they are granted no hope or opportunity while criminals run free as citizens will not have the right of self-preservation. The crescendo of the night was when Trump highlights our past. Taking stock of the pioneers, the troubadours, the entrepreneurial spirit of those who ventured from England to these shores and then from the safety of the East Coast colonies into the great unknown to live how they want. This is how America was born, scarred past and brilliant present and all. Trump paid his respect to the people and honored the people, all people. He undergirded his speech with hope, dedication, love, honor, and a tenacity to hit the Democrats where it hurt. And it showed. The final note was in fact his love expressed for the spirit of America and a plea for us to take this election seriously because as he said, Biden is weak and he will not do a thing to help the American people. Trump on the other hand will exceed what he’s done in his first term and that was his promise.

Final Thoughts on the RNC

As stated before, this was a love letter to America. Nobody was a token black guy or used for political expediency. Nobody was used to stoke fake emotions. Everyone on that stage had a story to tell and each story was a story that involved President Trump’s hand in it. From setting non-violent first time drug offenders to victims of Islamic terrorism to even moral support for law enforcement. What the RNC does not do well is levity. Everyone seemed robotic except for the black people who appeared. There was a rigidity to their deliveries, granted it was probably all nerves, but even then, Alice Johnson flowed nicely and delivered her story powerfully. The only person who had a fantastic delivery was the President who was able to ebb and flow as he did experience what appeared to be teleprompter issues but again, that’s the difference between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. The air of decorum was thick which is again that stark contrast that Republicans are pretty stately to a fault while the Democrats, are living up their symbol, nothing but a bunch of donkeys.

Overall, vote we must. A vote for Biden is a vote for speech codes, stolen property, more riots, more lockdowns, higher taxes, incompetency of bigger government, less freedoms, no 2nd Amendment, costly living, and America burning. A vote for Trump is the diametric opposition to all of that and Trump plans on proving it but it will take our going to the polls and ensuring we not only vote in Trump, but also that we are voting in lawmakers, senators, congressional candidates who all support Trump’s policies and cementing them into law. If this was the love letter to America, may we the people be wooed by such sentiments of hope and excellence unmatched. May we be taken aback at the sheer notion that a President is willing to go through hell again to ensure that you can say what you want, write what you want, worship how you want, gather how you want in peace, and have the means to defend it. May we fall in love with the country that this President loves and has worked hard in it, and now works hard to protect it. We need to show that in our votes come November and this was the driving soundtrack to spur us forward!

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