Vax to Work! The New ‘Jab Crow’ Laws

Are the Unvaccinated the New ‘Untouchables’ caste?

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Recently I had a disturbing look into what it’s like to be discriminated against. Like many people, I have been looking for work in these trying times. I keep hearing how there are “more jobs than ever.” Reports of people getting back to work doing something are everywhere. I was relieved to get a job interview request via email. I called their HR person right up.

It was a company I was familiar with. Not too far away, a bonus with increasing gas prices. That they were willing to interview me, despite being in my 50s with a minor physical limitation was a godsend. I was up front about the issue. I’m not disabled, but certain activities I’d not be able to do – none of which involved the job I applied for.

The HR person began to set up my appointment, told me where to park, who to ask for, etc. Then came the other shoe. Besides the reasonable statement that everyone in the facility wears masks, you also can’t enter the facility unless you are vaccinated. “What?” I asked; apparently it was now policy that everyone there be vaccinated.

The New Normal – for Some

She didn’t mention showing a vaccination card or telling them where they got the shot(s) or what type, just the requirement. I pled my case that HIPPA law makes it illegal to ask about any medical status. She responded with something about the company lawyers being ok with it. Not me though; I bet their lawyers were either deluded or misinformed.

I then added that their lawyers may be busy about that, explaining that it is in violation of the Nuremberg Codes to subject people to duress in order to test an experimental medical substance on them. The vaccines for Covid-19(84) are not vaccines at all in the legal sense. The mRNA injection is a genetic treatment, though they are rolling it out as a “vaccine” anyway. It still is under “emergency authorization” by the FDA. As far as I am aware there are no studies yet of its adverse effects on humans. How many rats have already died? I wouldn’t chance being one of them.

I suppose I could have kept my mouth shut and lied. Maybe I should have gone to the interview anyway and maybe even have gotten the job. Of course working there would be like the story of Damocles, the guy who had a rich life on a couch, but there was a sword always over his head hanging by a single horse hair. He could never enjoy his luxury: he was always too worried about dying at any random moment. For me, that sword would have been the eventual request to see a vaccination card or passport, as yet unrequired.

Government Informant

I was generally upset over the principle of the thing. This was all over not getting a treatment that was potentially more dangerous than the disease itself to me, in the extremely unlikely case I got it. As much as I am reluctant to interact with government and try and avoid it, I looked up my state’s Attorney General’s website. I just wanted to explain the situation so they were aware that this was going on, not that I have any action I wanted to file or anything.

My letter:

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Dear NHAG,

My name is (my name), I live in (my town). I am looking for work, I applied to (the specific company) and an HR person wanted to set up an interview. All well and good, but, to even interview there let alone work there, if you are selected, they state you must get the vaccine!

I’m all for anyone who wants it to get it, but those who do not cannot be forced to under duress (like no interview possible or job thereafter). It is bad legally because:

HIPPA laws prevent anyone from questioning you about your medical status


The Nuremberg Code prevents forcing an EXPERIMENTAL TREATMENT (FDA emergency authorization of mRNA based vaccines is not enough to nullify this status – it is a genetic treatment not a vaccine as they have been legally defined). I consider “under duress” to cover cancelling of an interview that could possibly lead to a job to a jobless person. Also it is a cruel and unfair threat, which is what Nuremberg is about eliminating.

While I have no standing to file a complaint, I do at least want to apprise you of what no doubt is happening out here a lot. At a time when many are out of work, especially. Some feel that the new “vaccines” (which aren’t) are an untried and unsafe risk to our lives. Time and proper studies will tell. People’s livelihoods should not depend on being a guinea pig for a potentially lethal experimental procedure.

Thank you for your time on this matter.


I have yet to hear back anything. I do not know if the company in question has been talked to about their on-its-face discriminatory and likely illegal policy. As far as I know, this is in lock step with what will be acceptable. I do have a different temporary to permanent job starting soon, however. No mention of such a requirement, and it’s even closer to where I live. I do know that I dislike being part of a new “untouchables” caste, and cannot accept this taking root in America. Are the unvaccinated supposed to be shut off, begging in the streets for rice? They act like it.

Karl Donaldson
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