Micro$oft: “Where Do We Want You to Go Today?”

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Microsoft Is a Virus

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For as long as Bill Gates’ company has existed, it’s had it’s share of detractors. They were always accusing it of Big Brother tactics, working with Government, selling your data to the highest bidder and so forth. Sadly, a lot of this is based on reality apparently. The latest outrage is the default level of privacy you give up in Windows 10.

“Microsoft reluctantly admitted when pressed that “we may collect voice information” and “typed characters” from users without their knowledge or expressed consent. We now know that the Washington-based corporation is doing precisely that.“

PC World, Lincoln Spector, 3-22-21

On the bright side, most of this dystopian set of “features” can be turned off somewhere in the Settings. Check this article for how. Smartphones, according to Spector, do not have the ability to turn a lot off this off. Microsoft has continued to work with Chinese Company Huwei on it’s products (phones, computers, other systems). Huwei has long been closely associated with China’s People’s Liberation Army.

Chinese Ally Earns Big Profits

Microsoft has been in bed with China for years. Even after the Trump administration forbade American companies from working with Huwei, Microsoft sold off it’s inventory of Huwei laptops for a long time. Huwei is known to make spyware apps for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and was involved in the Iranian Nuclear Agreement. It was being investigated for this, but the new administration may not be interested. The official Microsoft website proclaims pridefully that the company values its partnership with communist China, and various communist Chinese corporations.

“ ‘Today, our most complete subsidiary and largest R&D center outside the United States is in China’ the website explains. ‘Microsoft boasts a robust partner ecosystem with 17,000 partners. For every RMB that Microsoft earns in China, Microsoft partners earn 16.’ “

Microsoft’s Website as of 3-22-21

This is only one of a series of examples that Microsoft cares very little about the end-users of it’s products, as long as they can pay for them. In 2000, someone found a variable in some of it’s code called the “NSA_KEY”. The company said it would explain and then failed to do so. Not very responsible for a multi-billion dollar company. They don’t even like you to own their software now, preferring that you rent. By that I mean logging into a Cloud Server and using their systems to write your documents, spreadsheets and the like. I’m sure you can trust them to store it safely on their servers too.

I can only urge readers to convert over to Linux systems, and even then “trust no one”. There are a few open-sourced, free suites of software that mimic Microsoft’s and convert it to their formats if you need them to. Look up Open Office and Libre Office for example. For most uses it works fine. You even get to keep things on your own computer and get free updates too. When the big companies take regular users for granted, we have to be willing to vote with our feet and deny them our business.

Karl Donaldson
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