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US Offers $10M Reward To For Info On ‘DarkSide’ Colonial Pipeline Hackers

The US State Department has put forward two offers in pursuit of information regarding ‘DarkSide’ Colonial Pipeline hackers. According to Reuters, The US ...

Don’t Pass-Over Overpasses for America

I am glad there are a few good Americans that still want to get out and seek redress of grievances!

Vax to Work! The New ‘Jab Crow’ Laws

Recently, I got a first-hand experience of what it is like to be part of the new untouchables caste - the unvaccinated. I was refused a job over it. This is ...

Micro$oft: “Where Do We Want You to Go Today?”

“Microsoft reluctantly admitted when pressed that “we may collect voice information” and “typed characters” from users without their knowledge or expressed ...

Asteroids May Change Everything About “Precious Metals”

Asteroid mining, once achieved, would lower prices of what are now "precious metals". After the first mission or two, the effects on the economies of the world ...

Trump Campaign Encounters 3rd Circuit Court’s Reluctance to Uphold Appeals Court Ruling

Trump appeals 3rd circuit court decision on election fraud.

“Can I Change My Vote?”

Whether they believe the corruption evidence, the videos, or the never-ending gaffes by Biden, some voters have had enough.

Ahead of Oct 25th Referendum Leftist Radicals Burn Two Chile Churches

Socialist violent demonstrations are not a uniquely American thing. They never were. What is new is the timing and organization.

Who cares? The Global Pandemic Shutdown Impacts Disadvantaged & Desperate in Haiti

CV has has the side effect of limiting world travel. This has affected the various medical charity work going on, including in Haiti.

Federal Funds Cut From Crime Friendly Cities

The President has taken steps to remove Federal funding from pro-crime, anti-police, rioting cities.

“We’re Not Gonna Take It Anymore…” Warning Shots Fired at BLM

BLM is used to it's "protests" only being opposed by defensive or crowd controlling police. Now that they've taken to marching on suburbs, it's a new game.

President Trump’s Pardon Lets the Press Dangle

President Trump alluded to pardoning someone on Tuesday, but would not confirm who.

Maryland Veterans Commemorate 75th Anniversary of End of World War II

Christopher Anderson (U.S. Coast Guard Vet) and Charles Anthony (U.S. Army Reserve Vet) will host a donation drive for the city’s veterans this Saturday. The ...

Forgetting Earth, What Kind of Alien Life is Out There?

Scientists since the 60s have made rough calculations on the likely number of advanced civilizations in the galaxy. With better astrophysical data come better ...

Roger Stone: Prison Will Be a Death Sentence

Roger Stone has endured much over the last year or two. The conservative consultant has not lost his fire.

Cooking With Karl: Use That Crockpot!

A curry can be a cheap and delicious way of using up the vegetables you have. You can make one with almost any meat or firm seafood, or none at all.

Is Justice Back? Congressional Insider Stock Trading

The FBI is investigating a handful (so far) of Senators for making insider stock trades. They divested stocks that would go down due to Coronavirus, weeks ...

Take This Job and MOVE It…

Even though the State of California is relaxing restrictions a little, Alameda County, home of the Tesla facility, is not doing so.

5G Concerns? Here Are Some Facts…

With the advent of 5G wireless protocols, people are concerned about negative effects. Here are some facts.

Grow Your Own

In uncertain times, it makes sense to learn at least a bit on how to garden and preserve food. Anyone can do it if they want to.

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  1. Karl Donaldson July 26, 2019 at 11:44 am

    All customers should observe the posted rules in the store, race is an irrelevant factor.

  2. Karl Donaldson July 26, 2019 at 11:42 am

    The store guy in the article said policy was not to confront, but customers were FREE TO. I guess they were exercising their freedom, sorry you don’t like it.

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