“Bernie Bros” Harass Democrat Officials at Home

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With Bullhorns in Hand, They Demanded a “Fair” Vote

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The night before the just-completed Nevada Caucuses, the Nevada State Democratic Party Chair had to call the police. A group of irate Sanders supporters were causing a commotion. They were implying that the upcoming caucuses had better be fair, harkening back to the 2016 defeat by Hillary Clinton. The DNC’s ever-changing rules, “super-delegates” and biased financing priorities had more to do with it than any state’s party chair.

The “Bernie Bros” have already accosted Democratic Party officials in California. The leader there was a hispanic woman, so the “Bros” are at least equal-opportunity. Bullying for political purposes is a hallmark of Socialists, of both the National and International kinds. Venezuelans are subject to it, as are Chinese and North Koreans.

A Pattern of Intimidation – More to Come?

No arrests have been made yet, as the rowdy protesters usually leave before that can happen. The Sanders Campaign doesn’t seem to have any control over some of their supporters. They have publicly disavowed any bullying or threatening behavior. Far from bringing Party Unity like Sanders wishes, he seems to be the symbol of factionalization.

The tactics don’t end at the doors of Party officials, either. Online bullying and smear campaigns are rampant. One staffer was recently fired, according to Politico, when he called various candidates names and made disparaging remarks from a fake Twitter account. Can Antifa-level behavior be far behind?

The Primaries are in full swing now, more of these incidents are likely to occur. State Democratic Parties are making preparations. All candidates are aware of the issue. The question is will they now turn ugly on each other or suck it up for party cohesiveness? It only takes a few over-zealous yahoos to ruin any chances for their candidates. It should be interesting to see.

Karl Donaldson
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