President Trump’s Pardon Lets the Press Dangle

Not Snowden or Flynn He Claims

Monday as he was boarding Air Force One, Trump dropped that on Tuesday he will be pardoning someone “very, very important”. The press could not get him to reveal it yet, which aggravated many of them. It does mean that he is making moves that will affect the upcoming election.

The obvious choices, which he denied, are Edward Snowden and Michael Flynn. Snowden is a former NSA contractor turned whistleblower on NSA capablities that are being used unconstitutionally both in the US and abroad. General Michael Flynn is a former National Security Adviser to President Trump. He was charged with talking to a Russian Ambassador as part of the Transition Team after the election. Exculpitory evidence seems to exist showing nobody really thought there was a crime there, but…politics.

There are a couple celebrity possibilities. Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani is accused of having a business relationship with two men arrested in a campaign finance scheme. This is unlikely to be needing a pardon since no direct charges have been filed, at least that we know. The other is former Trump Campaign Manager and Roger Stone associate Paul Manafort. Mr. Manafort was jailed for not registering activity as a foreign lobbyist and witness tampering. He has actually started his sentence.

Another intriguing possibility is Julian Assange, head of Wiki-Leaks. When he published anonymously acquired information on MSM foes, they were all for it. When his information started involving Hillary Clinton and the DNC, the MSM called him a criminal. Some still think he worked with Seth Rich in the DNC before Seth was murdered, but that’s another story.

Soon we will know….

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Karl Donaldson
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