Roger Stone: Prison Will Be a Death Sentence

Free From a Gag Order, Roger Stone Speaks

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Roger Stone is a political consultant. Notable since his days with Richard Nixon, he has seen many campaigns, including that of his friend, President Trump. He is fresh from a federal show-trial, and a few weeks from having to report to a cell, even though it can be argued he committed no crimes. Despite handicapping his legal defense and bankrupting him, he is confident justice will prevail.

Being honorable has a cost. The Deep State has caused him a lot of unfair suffering. He still would not lie for them. The unarmed 67 year old was ripped from his house in a late night raid by 29 agents, including a helicopter, dogs, and multiple armored vehicles. By “chance,” CNN was there to cover it live.

Watch Manny Alicandro’s video interview below with Roger Stone for the latest updates from the man himself:

If you want to contribute to Roger’s Legal expenses, go to If you want to help him and his wife with living expenses, please see There is a petition to President Trump at as well.

Karl Donaldson
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