Ahead of Oct 25th Referendum Leftist Radicals Burn Two Chile Churches

“Protesters” Also Burn Local Businesses

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Sound familiar? The leftist call for revolt is global. The excuses this time in Santiago, Chile are about “inequality,” raised bus fares and other costs of living. The transit fares were not increased, but unrest still occurred. The demonstrations left 30 dead and thousands injured. The military had to come out in force to quell them. They had similar rioting a year ago.

Some of the protesters want to scrap and rebuild the Chilean constitution in a referendum on Oct. 25th of this year, making it “more democratic.” The document was created under dictator Pinochet in 1980 and has been amended many times since. One of the many grievances is that there is police brutality, which has been a problem since.

Churches Suffer

“Violence is evil, and whoever sows violence reaps destruction, pain, and death. Let us never justify any violence, for political or social purposes.” – Argentine Archbishop Celestino Aós

The two churches that burned, the St. Francis Borgia (popular with the police department members) and the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, were two of the oldest in the city.

Both churches are probably beyond repair. Chile has had a number of churches burned and looted in the recent period of “demonstrations.” Leftists in Chile reportedly were working with terrorists from Venezuela, Cuba, and other socialist countries in the area. Besides the churches and local businesses, a few subway stations were also burned.

The usual media were calling the demonstrations “festive.” The violence erupted around 4pm local time. There was noticeably slogans from the US demonstrations like “ACAB” (“All Cops are Bastards”), which is English not Spanish, which is the local tongue. Presumably such signs were for international media consumption.

Chilean police reported at least five arrests for arson. The Mayor of Santiago condemned the federal government, saying “I am surprised that the state of Chile [the federal government] was not capable of containing the violence. There was a lack of action, I extend my solidarity to the carabineros [federal police] for the big hit [they took], but what happened with the state?” The violent protests continue from similar activity last year.”

According to a councilman in a Santiago suburb, as reported to Breitbart, the government estimated that leftists had destroyed 70 subway stations, 140 supermarkets, and practically all pharmacies in three days. They also burned 120 churches and destroyed all the iconography. The councilman said that at the time that officials had seen evidence of organized violence. This included leftists offering food, alcohol, and presumably drugs to rioters beforehand.

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Deeper Motives?

The level of organization, similar slogans and actions seems to make a case for a global unrest movement. The simultaneous “protests” for sometimes similar grievances is a watermark for revolutions internationally. Socialist forces are working in the shadows to gain control, moreso than previously in most places. One can look at the evidence and see the pattern.

Karl Donaldson
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