Et Tu EU: How the European Union is Leading the Way in Vaccine Human Rights Abuses

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Herd Immunity or Herd Stupidity?

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The idea of a vaccine passport caught steam in the early days of the pandemic. Europeans, who were some of the hardest hit in the initial phases, thought that the vaccine would be a godsend. They were wrong. The vaccine rollout was a disaster. The effects were marginal at best. Even the CDC, the lead cheerleader of the global vaccination efforts noted, “some [people receiving the inoculation] became very ill and 74 people died.” This same early study reported that 7% of the people who received the vaccine needed urgent care in the hospital as a result. According to Statista, the rates of hospitalization for COvid are as follows:

Overall: 0.17% of people diagnosed with Covid needed hospitalization (80% lower hospitalization than the vaccine)

30-39: >0.15%

40-49: 0.17%

50-64: 0.27%

65-74: 0.36%

75-84: 0:57%

85+: 0.86%

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In none of the categories did we see more than 1% of the U.S. population reach a hospitalization rate for verified COVID cases. This is showing that there is a higher risk of urgent care for the vaccination rather than the disease.

The Question at Hand

Panic is an understood part of human nature. While herd immunity can be debated by scientists around the world, herd stupidity is a well-documented event in human history. We know that there are complications arising from the Disease. We also know that the complications arising from the vaccine are more likely to put you in the hospital. Why then do we see the governments of the world pushing this vaccine? This is the question of the day.

Q Anon followers and their ilk will likely say that it is some grand conspiracy. “The New World Order wants people to get the mark of the beast,” or something along similar lines. While I faithfully believe that the Bible prophecy will come true someday, the story in Revelations prescribes a well-ordered evil government. While there are strong arguments to be made that the government of the world are slanting in the evil direction, I believe that it would be hard to argue that they are “well ordered.” Chimps on typewriters are likely to produce “Hamlet” before the governments of the world are capable of doing anything other than starting wars.

If it is not the governments, then who? The most likely answer would be the people who stand to make a damn lot of money on the sale of the vaccine. While it is free for you or me to get the jab under most civilized regimes, it is only free to you or me. Someone is paying for it, usually an insurance company or the tax payer. This means that big pharma will make billions in COVID vaccine sales this year alone.

Pfizer is slated to make 15 billion dollars in the United States for Covid vaccine sales. Globally, this number could be as high as 69-69 billion dollars. Some analysts estimate that the companies that make vaccines will split a profit of more than $100 billion in sales this year. Selling the vaccine is a gold mine for the pharmaceutical industry, and if you want to see how big corporations feel about human life- you just need to look at how human beings are treated in gold mining.

Problems with the Vaccine

One of the chief concerns about the vaccine is that the rumors of side effects came out well before the vaccines were event tested. The reason this is concerning is because people were too obsessed with other issues during this time for the rumors to be organic. The added concern is that the rumors were quickly rebuffed by a “panel of experts” pushing those that bought into the arguments as “conspiracy theorists.” This was likely true, just that the conspiracy that they were following was likely pushed by the industry itself.

What better way to destabilize negative research against your product than to make the initial wave of people who were against your product look like they were “truthers.” Once people who started to doubt what people were telling them about the vaccine, then it was harder for real experts to bring forth information about the problem. Infertility and magnetism have largely been debunked as results of the COVID vaccine. While the NIH and CDC are of dubious reliability after the release of the Fauci emails, the link presented is from John Hopkins Medical Center, which still is quite credible.

Palsy was the first noticeable side effect of the vaccine that sent people into an uproar. Once again, conspiracy theorists led the way claiming that the mRNA was “rewriting” people away from being human. Palsy is a side effect of most viral vaccines in the world, it is not unique to COVID. This does not lessen the severity of this side effect, but people need to realize that medicines have problems- this is one of them with this group of medicines.

The Johnson and Johnson vaccine was also attacked for its likelihood of blood clots. The FDA even stopped distribution for a while. Now, we see new evidence coming out that all vaccines may cause blood clots, in rare cases. Once again, this is a very dangerous situation, which could give people valid pause in getting the vaccine. Providing people with this information is vital to making an informed decision.

Additional side effects have been reported from, heart problems in men to problems in women. Regardless of the side effects, the public needs to know what is going on. After searching for hours, it was difficult to find actual numbers of how many people experienced side effects. Even the side effects covered by the CDC were treated like a state secret. People need to know if the number of people having side effects approaches or exceeds the number of people in each age group who are hospitalized per capita. Only then can people make an educated decision on whether to get the jab or not.

What Does This Have to Do with Europe?

If you are still reading this, I am sure you are asking what this has to do with Europe. This morning, Europe announced that it has a plan for a piecemeal opening plan requiring vaccination passports. This is a violation of the 4th Geneva convention. Whether you are using a direct law “You must get the vaccine” or a straw man “you must get the vaccine if you want to come into a country,” you are still forcing people to get an “unwanted or experimental medical procedure.” Europe knows a lot about that as Germany was the reason why that was included in the treaty.

The vaccine passports are a human rights violation. Every person has the right to accept or turn down medical treatments that are unwanted or experimental. PCR tests, rapid response tests, and other COVID tests are completely legitimate for testing to ensure no one who is sick is entering a country. A vaccine that does not prove a person is not sick is another story.

If, for instance, France was going to allow 100,000 people into their country between the ages of 30-39 in a given day, approximately 121 would have Covid symptomatic enough to require hospitalization (we do not have accurate numbers for non-symptomatic transmission). With a 66% failure rate, Johnson and Johnson could allow 33,000 people in who are infectious (assuming that the vaccine is all that is needed). Regarding Pfizer or Moderna: if you can accept the 85% efficacy, it would still allow in 15,000. If PCR tests that have a failure rate of under 10% were used, which would mean that only 10% of the people tested who have the disease would get in, the count could be as low as 12 people in our group. Rapid tests are not as accurate, but would still stop all but 18 (on average) from getting in.

Which group is most discriminated against? Those who have had the disease. Recent studies have shown that natural antibodies are more effective and more resilient than the artificial antibodies from the vaccine. Retention levels are much higher of the needed proteins to attack the virus, yet these people are expected to take the risk and get the jab if they want to travel.


The EU government needs to be made aware that they are violating the rights of billions of people in the world. Even if they are actively looking at travel to Europe, they have the right to look at it. While naysayers will echo the chorus “countries can admit or deny whomever they want,” this stands to reason for immigration and for the reason of infection. Denying people access because they did not receive an “unwanted or experimental medical procedure” is illegal by international treaty law. Anyone who is denied entry for the reason of the illegal Covid passport is entitled to a human rights hearing and should talk to a lawyer. Governments are not absolute, their powers need to be held in check for the good of the whole world.

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