Walmart requires Mandatory Vaccine by October 4

All Corporate Staff and Managers Must Be Vaccinated!

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Walmart just issued a vaccine mandate to all corporate staff and managers, according to CNBC. This will likely have a far reaching effect, not only on the affected employees and families, but on other businesses as the nation’s largest private employer takes draconian measures. Will more follow Walmart’s lead?

The mandatory vaccine will be required, not only at market, regional and divisional offices but at all home offices, as well. Walmart has stated their concern that business will return to pre-pandemic levels during the Labor Day holiday season and expect to bring a fully staffed workforce back into the workplace by that time.

Walmart first issued a dictum to require the use of masks for workers in stores in counties that are at the highest level of risk due to a rise in the number of those infected by the Delta variant in the local population. Some of the hardest hit areas are those that have had and continue to have an increasing influx of migrants, having crossed the border and permitted to travel to every state without the Biden/Harris administration giving thought to prevent the spread into the cities and across the nation.

Governors Stand Up for States Rights

However, some governors are taking action to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Governor Greg Abbott of Texas has ordered Texas state troopers to pull over vehicles about which they have a reasonable suspicion that the vehicle is carrying migrants that have illegally crossed the border. The Texas governor issued orders for state troopers to reroute the vehicles back to the border, the point of origin at which they entered the United States. According to KSAT, the officers may seize the vehicles if the driver refuses to comply with the Executive Order.

Governor Ron De Santis of Florida is also taking steps to continue the effort to build the border wall, an effort abandoned by the Biden/Harris administration that appears to be doing everything but protect the citizens and Constitution they swore to uphold. Rather than take action to protect citizens from an influx of carriers of the virus and continuing to allow them to violate the law and continue to swarm the border, mayors of some Texas cities such as San Antonio have petitioned Governor Abbott to allow the city to mandate masks on city property for city employees and customers. The governor reiterated his intent by issuing a secondary Executive Order prohibiting local Texas governments from issuing mask and vaccine mandates.

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