Systematic, Institutional Destruction: How the Biden Regime is Undermining the United States, Right by Right

Whittling Away the Constitution

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Since Joe Biden came into office in January of this year, the Constitution has seen an unending series of assaults on the rights of the people. First, they came for our freedom to assemble, with new restrictions and crackdowns due to COVID panic. Next, they attacked our jobs and businesses, with enhanced programs to keep people on unemployment. Guns are another target on the list, the left has been trying to pass two bills to make it harder for law-abiding citizens to own guns. Finally, the corrupt administration has been trying to rewrite voting laws to make it easier to cheat. Overall, we have seen attack after attack on our rights, May 19th was no different.

While Congress is debating the doomed resolution to form a 9/11 style commission over the Capitol Hill Protests from January 6th, the treasury is trying to take away more of our freedoms. Cryptocurrency is now the latest target to the Biden Oligarchy. The treasury secretary, in a Thursday statement, told the nation that since criminals use cryptocurrency to skirt the law- we need more regulation.

The idea itself is almost laughable. With a government that gave blanket immunity to the Pharmaceutical industry (an industry which is caught on tape mocking patients that it purposefully addicted to opioids) for a vaccine which does not have 18 month, 24 month or 36 month reports, we have someone who should not be telling the people that their rights are an affront to law and order. This administration, it seems, feels that anything that gives people autonomy is a threat to their absolute power.

Crypto and Life

The assault on people’s rights to use alternative currency is an affront to the Constitution. The government has no right to interfere with a person’s papers, person, or home without a warrant. Even the broadly worded requirement for people to file an income tax return is unconstitutional, the only reason most people do not fight it is because they get money for it. (Please note the income tax is legal, it is an amendment. Government forcing businesses and individuals to report private information to the government is illegal).

The argument being made by the Treasury is that any amount over $10,000 needs to be reported. Once again this is a gross government overreach. Accepting for the sake of argument that this is legal, then we need to look at how exactly one reports the value of a mobile asset. Money, for better or worse, is the stick by which we measure other things. This means that $1 is $1 is $1. However, if we are trading Doge coin, what value to we report at. Some days the high can be upwards of $0.70 and the low can be in the $0.30s. Without giving the govenment access to an entire trade summary for a year, there is no way to track the exact value.

This is not the half of it. If you trade Doge for BTC, then you are trading in two movable currencies. This means that you are trying to value one currency against another currency while it may be triangulated against a third currency. This means do you use the Doge rate v BTC, the Doge v $ or the BTC v $ when you calculate what you owe. Just like trading against foreign currencies, this is like trying to shoot a bullet, fired from a bullet, while riding on another bullet.


Regardless of how you feel about Hunter Biden’s emails, when we talk about the “Big Guy” now, we are talking about the U.S. Government. The government definitely has a fear of missing out. Right now billions of black market goods and services are being paid for with crypto currency. The government wants to get a piece of this action. The problem is, they do not want to stop it. Child sex trafficking, drug trafficking, and illegal gun running all have simple solutions. The government does not want to put those into effect. They want to get the vig off of each transaction, not actually stop the transactions.

Just like none of the gun laws proposed will have an effect on criminals, none of the crypto laws will have an effect on criminals. The Treasury secretary’s suggestion to make brokerages file reporting is naive. Criminals will use offshore markets (SHIB and others) to avoid the reporting. Criminals do not follow the laws, that is why they are criminals. Here are some suggestions for how to deal with some of the problems she is worried about:

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1.) Quit letting drug traffickers off the hook with light sentences. Overdoses are felony homicides. Treat the dealers that provided the drugs like the murderers they are. Execution or life in prison.

2.) Have the death penalty for sex traffickers. Argue about the hookers in Las Vegas all you want, they are grown women and have some state level protection there (I am very against prostitution). However, when someone traffics a person for sex, where they take the person’s rights away, they deserve to die (the trafficker not the victim). Mandatory minimum of execution, unless they can show someone higher up the chain, in which case they are given life in prison.

3.) Illegal guns have a simple solution-when a person is caught with an illegal gun committing a crime then they get a minimum of 20 years, no parole. If a person fires the gun, life in prison. If a person shoots someone, the death penalty. Now this does require a stronger stand your ground stance and castle doctrine for all states (to protect people protecting themselves) but this cuts out criminals. Also, possession of a gun while a felon is a crime and carries the 20 year punishment. Target the criminals, not the regular people.


The treasury department does not want to target the actual criminals, they want to make more money off of the law-abiding people. These are the ones who will pay the tax. Biden’s exchequer is simply taking away law-abiding citizens’ chance at autonomy. We have a right to be secure in our papers, persons, and homes. It is time that we tell the corrupt administration that they are overreaching and take back our country.

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