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Imprisoned Boston Bomber Received $1400 Stimulus Check—Prompting Correction from Washington Post Fact Checker

Last March, Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton said the rejection of a proposed amendment to the CARES Act would mean inmates “like the Boston Bomber”—Boston Marathon ...

‘Freeloading’ Elon Musk to Pay Largest Federal Tax Bill in History, an Estimated $8.3 Billion

Elon Musk made a bold claim on Twitter on Tuesday. The Tesla founder said he would “pay more taxes than any American in history this year.”

Gordon Ramsay Reportedly Relocating Restaurant Headquarters to Texas as California Exodus Continues

Surly celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is reportedly heading to Texas—or at least his corporate headquarters is, the Dallas Morning News reports. CEO ...

Wine Bar Owner Who Defied Lockdowns Receives 90-Day Jail Sentence—But Her Legal Battle May Just Be Beginning

In April, police officers located Lisa Hanson in Clear Lake, Iowa about 40 miles south of the restaurant she owns.

St. Paul’s Mayor Is Already Scrambling to Amend the City’s Harmful Rent Control Law

Basic economics teaches us that the solution to high demand is more supply, not price controls.

Biden’s Is Right That Moving Off Fossil Fuels Quickly Would Be Dangerous

Biden’s admission about the limits of renewable energy deserves attention.

The Scariest Inflation Chart You’ve Ever Seen

History teaches us something important about inflation: it can spiral out of control just that fast.

25 of the Greatest Quotes on Economics and Capitalism (That You’ve Probably Never Heard)

Timeless insights from some of the greatest thinkers in economic history.

Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) was Censured by the US House Because of this Video

Political violence is far too real and far too dangerous to treat as a partisan tool.

NYT Explores What Happens When Democrats Have All the Power. The Answer May Surprise You

It turns out voters and lawmakers in progressive states arrive at decisions like everyone else: on self-interest. But that's not all.

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