MAGA Coin Cryptocurrency: A Tool of the Pro-America Movement

Make Crypto Great Again: Escape from the Techno-Oligarchs

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In 2021, we are seeing how integrated the world really is-and that is scary. The techno-oligarchs who have been allowed free-reign over our everyday lives are now running our political lives as well. I assume very few people who are reading this have not suffered a Facebook suspension of some kind. Allowing technocrats to control our lives is wrong. We need the government (and the people) to stand up to this problem.

Having seen the debacle that was the 2020 election, we are now moving into an even more intense world. People, whether politician or layperson, can be deplatformed without consequence. Early digital-age laws are being used to protect illicit actions by the techno-oligarchs. Those on both the left and the right need to turn to anonymous chat rooms to discuss politics in order to avoid being attacked. These are the signs of a failed state. If the people who are supposed to be free in this country must hide, are we a free country?


Your voice is just as important as mine. While we may not agree with people like AOC and Justin Amash, they have a right to talk. Even Mad Maxine has the right to spout her nonsense to her cult, as long as she is not inciting violence. Individuals have a right to speak their mind. If there is a platform out there, then they have the right to do it there. However, under the current law, technocrats can silence people on their platforms. Their argument is, “We are a private company and can police what is said on our site.” Unfortunately, they also hide behind the argument, “We are an open platform and cannot be held accountable for what people say on the platform.”

This is the ultimate, “Have your cake and eat it too…” scenario. The tech companies say they can do as they please, but also say that they have not control over what others do. The truth would be exemplified by an either/or statement: either you are a protected free speech zone, or you are a policed speech zone- you cannot be both. However, this is the state of affairs that the trillion dollar tech industry keeps in place with lobbying dollars (read bribes) to dishonest politicians. This system needs to change.

The problem with change is that people now use social media and tech to organize. If people are being outright banned and shadow banned, then they have no ability to get together. Once again, if these platform are public free speech zones, as they claim to be in lawsuits, then people have their right to associate there. When people are deplatformed, they lose the ability to associate-which is repugnant to the constitution.


Even worse than deplatforming is the process of demonetization. Demonetization occurs when a platform removes a content creator’s ability to make money from their work. Facebook, YouTube, and other social media sites have become business hosting sites (some before the business agreements were set). These companies are more directly bound by the “click-through” agreements than the people clicking them- the companies knew what they said when they made them.

Millions of people now make money online through social media. When media companies deplatform and demonetize these businesses, they are in breach of contract. Once again, when you are a free platform, you are beholden to the businesses as you were when the original agreement was made, not to the shadow changes made without proper legal notice. While the government originally treated tech companies like garage businesses in the 1990s so they could grow- now it is time to treat an adult industry like adults and hold them accountable for modern abuses.

About Cryptocurrencies

While my suggestions in this article are what should be done, we all know that congress is too corrupt to make changes needed for the people. As a result, the people themselves must take matters into their own hands. One of the biggest problems we see in the modern age is the ability to keep things funded. As tech companies and banks discriminate against conservatives (and to a lesser extent, liberals), the American dollar is no longer a stable fiat currency- it is a pure fiat currency. No backing, no real regulation: just changes and boycotts at the will of the mob. This is no way to run a financial system or a country.

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Enter cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies, generally based on the value of past computations within a cloud or server network. Early adopters “mine” the crypto by lending their computer’s power to the process. This creates value in the currency and allows people to trade assets for value. This system is based off a purer market for processing power- and is largely timestamped in the market.

Once a crypto goes public, it can then be traded on the market. This allows the coin to be a market based coin, rather than a fiat currency controlled by an entity. As we saw with DOGE, the people control what it is worth. This allows people to trade value for value. The great element is that cryptos are neutral to who holds them. If an exchange takes a crypto down or refuses to use a crypto, then they are blacklisted and destroyed. MAGA Coin is the conservative answer to this environment.

How to Get MAGA Coin

Marc Zelinka, the creator of MAGA Coin, saw the benefits of this type of currency in the political realm. Creating the tool that allows people to sponsor the candidates and causes that they believe in directly- Marc wants to give a voice to people who are being abused by big tech. In creating a free exchange currency that big tech cannot control, Marc has opened the market to small investors around the country and the world.

So how do you get started with MAGA Coin? Well ,first start off by registering with MAGA Coin. Go to their website here for 500 free coin while supplies last. Once you are registered you can give people your referral code to get 25 coin for each signup. If you really want to get into MAGA Coin in a big way, you could start mining it. Go to their websites for more details. If you are a non-profit or conservative organization, you may want to take the time to apply for a grant of MAGA Coin for the upcoming season- Marc is dedicating 15 million coins to help conservative groups.

Overall, if you are looking for somewhere to invest, or are new to crypto investment, then go over to MAGA Coin. For now it is free and it has the potential to open at between $17.76 a coin to $1776 a coin depending on usage. Further, once you are in the market, you can help control the market- this allows for us to make the coin work more and help conservatives get more bang for their buck in the upcoming election.

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