Judge Tells Medical Hospital To Back Off Demanding Nurse Take The Vaccine

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In a class action lawsuit by Liberty Counsel, the court ruled that a medical hospital in Illinois must leave the nurse alone who denied the vaccine over religious beliefs.

NorthShore University Health System decided to harass nurses in response to their direct opposition to the vaccine on deeply-held moral grounds.

A nurse was denying the vaccine because it was made with baby tissue from abortions, the lawsuit says.

She filed a religious exemption form because her religion prohibits her from using a vaccine that was made with baby tissue from aborted babies, but was allegedly harassed by her boss to take the shot even though the boss knew she filed for a religious exemption.

Liberty Counsel says her harassment by her boss has been severe, and the court agreed. A temporary restraining order has been granted by the court for the hospital to stop demanding she take the vaccine while the lawsuit is ongoing.

According to Liberty Counsel, NorthShore has already begin firing nurses over their refusal to take the vaccine. So this restraining order is a victory until Liberty Counsel can win the lawsuit.

John Paluska
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