Tucker Needs To Go On the Offensive

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Over the weekend, Fox New contributor and host of his show Tucker Carlson Tonight found himself in a battle of wills with the New York Times (NYT).  This time around, NYT is deciding to write a piece on the conservatarian commentator and decides it’s in their best interest to publish Carlson’s home address.  Now we all know what happens when people with dissenting opinions on current cultural matters have their address revealed to the public.  Expect trouble from the left!

Round 2

This has happened to the commentator before.  A couple years back, a far-left activist found out where the Carlsons lived and a mob of them banged on his door and threatened to barge into the house.  Carlson’s wife called 911 as she cowered in a closet literally in fear for her safety.  Carlson continued to receive death threats and other such concerning material in the mail and ultimately, keeping in mind the safety of his wife and four kids, moved to another home.  But now the New York Times found his address and Carlson claims that they decided to sick Murray Carpenter and photographer Tristan Spinski.

Tucker Knows and So Do You

Tucker Carlson on his Monday night show definitely called out the publication company stating that they know the exact reason why they are planning on doxxing the Carlson residence.  It’s all about the wrongthink these days.  Expressing much less thinking about a topic that goes against the widely accepted narrative is akin to being “a racist” or a “sexist” or a “-phobe.”  The NYT perpetuates the continuing narrative of fake news and clownishness the left is known for doing especially in the era of the Trump presidency.  We all know that when a leftist organization even passively states they are going to dox you, it’s so the information in public and it brings in a bloodthirsty mob.  This mob then gets enraged and violence occurs.  Tucker stated this at the end of his show Monday night.


Of course the notion of doxing someone is illegal so obviously the NYT is pushing back on the accusation.  They state that there “has not and does not plan to expose any residence of Tucker Carlson’s, which Carlson was aware of before tonight’s broadcast.”  The NYT even states that even before the piece hit the printing press, Tucker’s conservative fan base allegedly doxed both the reporter and photographer and posted it all over Conservative Twitter.  This has yet to be proven but considering the history of the NYT, it’s not very convincing that both Carpenter and Spinski were in fact doxxed by the public especially if their addresses are already out in the public but doesn’t seem like that’s the case between the two.  Yet either way, the notion of being doxxed is scary and since Carlson’s family has already had that happen, we all know the motive to do so and it’s not pretty on the part of those who are doing the doxxing.

On The Offensive

If there is one thing that is clear, Carlson should go on the offensive. Many are hoping the anchor straps up, trains his wife to also carry, and in turn pass on that knowledge to his four kids. In the event that a doxxing occurs and ANTIFA shows up as they have done in the past, “hands up don’t shoot” may work on police officers, but private citizens do not need to follow that rule especially when they feel threatened on their own property. They should shoot on sight if a mob comes onto their property and Carlson expressly forbids it which he does considering these black bloc thugs have attempted to trespass and barge into his previous home before. If anything, many are hoping that Carlson stays safe and will work to make things fortified for him and his family.

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