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Macho, Macho Man!

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So I clicked on Macho Man on Twitler to see why it was trending. The reason had me giggling for a while. Apparently, as he entered the world’s largest cricket arena, President Donald Trump did so to “Macho Man” by the Village People. That was the song India chose to introduce the President of the United States with. And that’s not to mention the sea of white Trump hats, as there were over 110 thousand Indians in the arena, and every single one of them were wearing one. 

When he walked out, he exchanged greetings with Modi which facilitated the taking of what will prove to be an iconic photograph. Modi first clasps the president’s hand, and then hugs him. And I mean a real live hug. The ones you give which are completely open and vulnerable. One you do not give your enemy. This image will serve to represent the love and respect India has for our country and our president. 

A Wee Bit Much, Do You Suppose?

While we are on the subject of India, there is this one guy there who fasts every Friday for Trump’s good health. Yep, you better believe it. Bussa Krishna, known affectionately to his fellow villagers as ‘Trump’ Krishna, says he even prays to the president, proclaiming him to be like a god (which I am not too sure is a good thing to do). He had a six foot statue of Trump erected outside his house, which is part of the reason why it is known as the Trump house. He is currently pleading with his government to arrange a meeting with Trump for him. 

Donna Brazile popped her blue hair back up in the Twittersphere to lecture on *checks notecard* Russia! Oh wow, it’s like a comfort food, or a cud these people keep regurgitating for more chewing time. Adding a dash of the Pious, the former DNC Chair who was hired by Fox News after she gave debate questions to the Democrat nominee before the debate began ended her tweet on a (rather self) righteous note, speaking of lies and vulgarity. Not that anything she has ever done wasn’t lying or vulgar. 

I’m sure you can imagine the comments, but they’re great anyway. Most replies consisted of a barb much like the one two lines up. Some folks got creative, though, while others were just plain angry and tired of all the lies. You can’t really blame them. This steaming pile of Russian bullshit has been around for three years, and closely resembles the playbook for McCarthyism. I found this one particularly funny, in a most satisfying way. 


Breaking Point

Speaking of ugliness rearing its head, Harvey Weinstein was found guilty on two of the five charges against him. So he could be spending at least 30 years in prison in addition to whatever Los Angeles throws at him, though with the corpse-like look he is sporting nowadays, I don’t know if he will last one year. And Michael Avenatti couldn’t even make it that long. The creepy porn lawyer was found guilty on all charges February 14th, which had to be a kick in the… Gut. He was granted a transfer of prisons due to “a breaking point” being reached.  

From the New York Post: “In January, ahead of his trial, he was transferred from a California facility to the notorious 10 South — a jail deep inside the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Tribeca that Avenatti’s Miami-based attorney Scott Srebnick described to The Post as ‘sheer dehumanization.’…Avenatti was transferred to 5 South, a general-population facility, on Thursday, after one of his defense attorneys, Danya Perry, wrote an appeal to MCC — saying Avenatti had reached a ‘breaking point.’”

Avenatti’s lawyer gave this statement: “[Avenatti] was in a cell where everything he does is watched. He showered in view of cameras. He couldn’t control the lights [which reportedly never turn off]. There was no privacy.” Well, it’s a prison, not a hotel. He isn’t there because he won a free trip to vegas and $1000 gambling money. Toss Jussie Smollett in the mix, who was indicted on six counts including falsifying a report (which is a felony) and we can call it a trifecta. 

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The Hippie and the Socialist

Creepy Lady Marianne Williamson floated out of her orb to touch gently down on a Bernie Sanders stage to endorse him in delicate, tinkling tones. The former Dem party candidate and all round hippie lady extraordinaire claimed the momentum was with Bernie, and that she was honored to endorse him. And then she fluttered off into her own little world to get ready for the Village People concert at Haight Ashbury.  

Of course, for Bernie’s part, he did an interview where he actually defended remarks made about Castro and a few others. That interview was a 60 Minutes special which involved the Senator trying to do damage control over statements he made a long time ago concerning the previously listed regime. Apparently it’s ok to cause the deaths of millions of people as long as you have a stellar literacy program in place to make sure they know you intend to kill them. 

Life Insurance

Speaking of… Former DHS official turned whistleblower Phillip Haney was found dead of a “self inflicted” gunshot wound to the chest on Friday. From the Washington Examiner: “As a whistleblower, Haney testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee in June 2016 that DHS ordered him to delete hundreds of files of people with ties to Islamist terrorist groups, arguing several terrorist attacks against people in the United States could have been prevented if certain files had not been scrubbed.” Haney was seeking future employment with the DHS, and was engaged to be married. 

Several people close to Haney state emphatically that he was not suicidal and that he had a sort of dead man’s switch in place. The former DHS official hid his files, according to Steve King. The Iowa Representative tweeted that Haney “insured his life” by hiding data that “incriminated the highest levels of the Obama administration.” Haney’s tell all book, “See Something, Say Nothing,” was reportedly a bombshell book which could contain at least one of the reasons the former DHS official was murdered. Uh. I mean, killed himself. 

Friends in Low Places and Mistaken Identities

Garth Brooks is legendary for kick ass country to get boot scooters all worked up and in a fever. I’m not sure, though, the rough and ready cowboy had this most recent upheaval in mind. It seems he was doing a concert in Detroit, and to honor another legendary performer, he wore a Barry Sanders jersey on stage. Barry Sanders was a Hall of Fame level running back who played for the Detroit Lions right there in Detroit for ten years. Even made lead rusher four times. But no one got the reference apparently, as it seems they had visions of grumpy old socialists dancing in their heads. 

Online critics were chomping at the bit to chew up another celebrity who dared make the wrong choice and make it publicly, and they chewed poor Garth up and spat him out. Garth posted this pic on Instagram, and the backlash was stupid. No, I mean it. It was stupid. 


Here are just two of the dumbest comments left on his Instagram post, brought to us by the L.A. Times:

“Good grief. Can’t you just do what you get paid to do ???? Why why why does it have to involve politics !!! So sad. We don’t pay good money for anything other than to watch you perform. Thought you were different.”

“Nothing like supporting a communist to loss a few fans! How about going to a successful socialist country and doing some research? Oh yes, you can’t because there aren’t ANY successful socialist countries!”

So this is lesson number 6,549,224,344 in why you should always wait for it. Look before you leap. Not to mention the fact that Google can sometimes save one from looking quite foolish in front of a country music giant, and doing no favors to your own movement in the doing of it. For the record, Garth Brooks has been apolitical for as long as we have known the man. Just like Steven Tyler, who was the last straw as far as the cancel culture on the right goes for me. Quit being stupid on purpose. 

Incidentally, Barry (not Bernie) Sanders had a comeback for this whole hullabaloo, tweeting Garth a special request:

And of course, the superstar answered:

We’re going to wrap this buzz up with a mainstream media gaffe sure to entertain. Hardball Chris Matthews thought Lindsey Graham was hanging out with his opponent, Jamie Harrison, at a Trump rally held in Charleston, South Carolina. When Hardball the Hapless gave voice to that thought, he had to be told, on camera, that it was Senator Tim Scott sitting next to Graham. As a matter of fact, they had to tell him four different times the Senator with Graham was, in fact, Scott. 

And to end that on air moment most epically, “Oh, it’s the OTHER Senator! Big mistake, mistaken identity. Sorry sir.”

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