Even Noble Lying Is Never Acceptable

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When Is Lying Virtuous?

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It looks as if insanity from the Left and other black woketivists are bordering on new levels. Some are arguing what Jussie Smollett (pronounced smollay) did is symptomatic of the country’s sentiments against black people. There are still more who claim, regardless of whether the Smollett hate crime was a hoax, it was necessary for him to lie about it to shed light on a very real issue of real hate crimes. Some are even calling Smollett’s actions low-key noble.

A 2:00am “Beat Down”

In the course of the last few days, the Empire co-star and well known D-list actor has found himself on the back of 6 new charges indicting him for fabricating the hate crime hoax he was notorious for creating. If you recall back in the winter of 2019, Smollett alleged two assailants wearing ski masks jumped the actor after purchasing food from a 24 hour Subway. He claims it happened in the dead of a Chicago -29 degree Fahrenheit early morning at 2:00 AM EST. 

According to Smollett, they approached him yelling, “Hey, Empire!” Then, after some verbal exchanges, Smollett claimed he was punched, jumped from beyond, had bleach poured on him. Then they flung a noose around his neck and yelled, “This is MAGA country!” before running off. The media, alt-Left politicians, and black activists had a field day from morning talk shows to social media accounts voicing their support for Smollett. Also, Steve Harvey, Congresswoman Kamala Harris, and Congressman Cory Booker all voiced their distress and their support for the actor. 

Then the Real Truth Comes Out

Then, suddenly, it looked as though the Hollywood political media machine all had to bite their lips and swallow the mucus laden rhetoric they tried to hock out of their proverbial throats. It seemed the witnesses had testified! These were not just ANY witnesses, but the actual assailants paid by Smollett to commit the crime. Not just any assailants, but Nigerian bodybuilders. They came forward and testified Smollett paid them in money, drugs, and even spots on the show. All of the virtue signaling actors and politicians then fell comedically silent. We even received Chicago Police Department body cam footage of officers in Smollett’s Chicago apartment with the “noose” around Smollett’s neck. The comedy at this point wrote itself as many could not breathe as they laughed at the hysterics of what transpired.

Questionable Dealings

However, then the case was dropped. Many suspect it was due to Smollett’s association with the prosecutor at the time. Others came up with conspiracy theories that Smollett was also associated with Kamala Harris. Harris also has ties with Kim Foxx, Cook County State’s Attorney, who dropped the case. For whatever reason, the case was dropped and he was basically given a slap on the wrist with 16 hours of community service. The story went silent, but made for some great memes along with a brand new nickname for the actor, Joosie Smollett a la ‘Chappelle. We all simply had an amazing laugh, as well as more fodder to throw at the same media entertainment industrial complex on their total lack of self awareness and rampantly dishonest behavior.

Enter Amanda Seales

Now, we get word there are 6 new indictments for Smollett regarding his previous run in with the Chicago Police. From wasted resources and time to cover this alleged hoax to thousands of taxpayer dollars spent on days of investigations, Chicago politics found this to be a total sham and are hitting back at the actor. A grand jury has brought 6 counts of disorderly conduct as well as filing a false hate crime report. All are felonious charges.

Many on the internet from The Amazing Lucas and Conservative commentators/comedian twin bodybuilding duo The Hodge Twins also voiced their take on these new legal circumstances regarding the D-list actor. The general public who lent their ear to this whole debacle is snickering once again. On the flip side, woketivists are drumming up an entirely different and very problematic case.  

Repackaging Propaganda As A Virtue

This is where Amanda Seales enters the discussion. If you have not heard of her, you’re not alone. She did not make much of a mark on the entertainment industry with her very limited career. Appearing in comedy shows, HBO specials, she is currently hosting her podcast Small Doses as well as appearing as a co-host on The Real. It is a discount version of The View with more “diversity” in the panel, namely, a bunch of non white women save for Sharon Osbourne. Once word got out about the new Smollett charges, Seales had quite a lot to say, which raises concerns regarding whether this woman is insane or just trolling.

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According to Amanda Seales, lying and deceiving people is low-key noble

The biggest thing that oozed from her lips was the notion even if what Smollett did was a hoax, it was low-key noble. Yes readers, you read that correctly.  Smollett’s hoax, in which he lied about him being the victim of a hate crime, was an act of nobility. Seales contends lying can actually be noble if done to raise awareness on an issue like hate crimes. According to Amanda Seales, lying and deceiving people is low-key noble.

Welcome to the the feminists and woketivist agenda where narrative is more important than truth. Reality is lost! These are the people lecturing us on being conscientious about principles. If we want to use Seales as a foil for how disingenuous she and people like her are, check this out. “Nobility in lying to people,” say the same people we are supposed to listen to regarding race relations, gender relations, sexual orientation education, economics, environmentalism, and politics. If that is what they think, then God help us all!

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